Erik King - Author of

Erik King is the author and editor in chief at

He has been working in the industry for quite a while and building famous online casino comparison websites such as Zamsino and Gambla.

Erik started his career in online gambling back in 2011 when he worked on the operator side on the previously known casino called “”.

After learning that affiliate marketing was a more appealing side of the business he decided to get started with his first few projects.

After several trial and error efforts in the early days, he created the industry-leading website in 2016.

The success was a fact and in 2019 he wanted to do a more environmentally friendly project, therefore he started the project

Zlots is the latest addition to the family of gambling comparion websites and is focused to gender neutralize the gambling industry by having a female superhero. 

The superhero Mascot on Zlots is named Ada, and she represent all strong female individuals within the iGaming industry, Zlots is a tribute to all of them!

The Future

We hope in five years that is a world market leader within iGaming lead generation along with fellow group websites.

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