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In world of digital advancement and limitless entertainment, online casinos have emerged as a popular choice for both thrill-seekers and avid gamblers. However, amidst the immense profits earned by legitimate players in online casinos, a darker side of the industry has come to light – the proliferation of online casino scams. As people from all walks of life flock to these virtual havens in hopes of striking it big, an increasing number of shady operators have begun to prey on unsuspecting and inexperienced players.

In this enlightening blog post, we reveal the deceptive world of online casino scams, analyzing the red flags and deceitful tactics employed by these nefarious entities. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge necessary to protect yourself and your winnings from falling victim to fraudsters and their treacherous schemes. So, buckle up and prepare to delve into the perilous underbelly of the online gambling world.

Online Casino Scams You Should Be Aware Of:

Rigged Games:

Scammers design games with altered algorithms, ensuring players have little chance of winning and guaranteeing the casino takes the majority of the bets. This manipulation of games, along with false bonuses and insider trading, damages players’ odds of winning and leads to frustration and diminished confidence in fair play.

False Bonuses:

Online casinos entice players with enticing bonuses, such as large sums of money, free spins, or deposit matches. However, once players register and deposit money, these bonuses become inaccessible or are coupled with impossible wagering requirements.

Identity Theft:

Scammers request sensitive personal information under the guise of player verification, potentially leading to identity theft and financial loss.

Payment Method Fraud:

Scammers encourage players to deposit funds using specific, unsecured payment methods and subsequently steal the deposited funds.

Delayed or Denied Payouts:

Players who win and meet the withdrawal requirements often face significant delays or never receive their winnings, discouraging them from cashing out.

Clone Casinos:

Scammers create websites that mimic legitimate casinos to deceive and defraud players into depositing money.

Phishing Emails:

Players receive unsolicited emails with offers that seem too good to be true or urgent password reset requests, posing as legitimate casinos.

Account Closure Scams:

After players win significant amounts or attempt to withdraw their funds, the casino abruptly closes their account without explanation.

Insider Trading:

Fraudulent casinos allow friends, family, or associates to unfairly win jackpots, leaving other players with no chance of winning.

Online casino scams are a critical concern as they exploit the trust and vulnerability of players, resulting in financial loss, emotional distress, and tarnishing the reputation of the online gambling company and industry.

Unlicensed Casinos:

Scammers operate without proper gambling licenses or oversight, leading to unfair practices, misuse of data, fraudulent activity and an inability for players to seek legal recourse.

Online Casino Scams Explained:

Online casino scams are a pressing concern as they exploit the trust and vulnerability of players, resulting in the risk of financial loss, emotional distress, and tarnishing the reputation of the gambling industry. Rigged games, false bonuses, and insider trading manipulate players’ odds of winning, leading to frustration and diminished confidence in fair play. Identity theft, payment method fraud, and clone casinos not only cause financial harm but can also lead to the misuse of personal data, with potentially devastating consequences.

Additionally, delayed or denied payouts, account closure scams, and unlicensed casinos infringe on players’ rights and hinder their access to legal recourse. Lastly, phishing emails trick unsuspecting players into revealing crucial information, further fueling the cycle of money laundering and online casino fraud. All of these scams underscore the importance of caution and discernment when engaging in online gambling activities.


In conclusion, online casino scams gambling fraud are a prevalent and alarming issue that continues to plague the world of online gambling. By remaining vigilant and conducting thorough research on every platform, players can take important steps towards protecting themselves from unscrupulous operators. It is crucial to verify the legitimacy, licensing, reputation, and safety measures of a casino before engaging in any financial transactions.

Utilize reliable resources and trusted reviews to guide your decisions in selecting a secure and enjoyable online casino. By staying informed and cautious, you can avoid the online gambling fraud and casino scams and focus on what truly matters: having a fun and responsible gaming experience.

Do casinos ever get off the blacklist?

While it is possible for a casino to recover from being blacklisted, the process is much more challenging than simply serving a timeout. It requires a sustained effort over a considerable period of time to demonstrate a genuine transformation. The casino must prove that they have abandoned their unethical practices, ensuring fairness in their games and ceasing any form of player exploitation. Additionally, it is crucial for them to repay any outstanding debts to players they may have wronged. Unfortunately, I cannot recall any specific casinos that have successfully redeemed themselves after being blacklisted. This scarcity of success stories reveals just how few rogue casinos have managed to rectify their past actions and regain trust.

Does one bad casino or group mean the others are bad, too?

Contrary to popular internet belief, this is not the case. One such example is Deckmedia, which operates reputable casinos like Box24 Casino, Black Diamond Casino, and Spartan Slots.

Based on my understanding, Deckmedia has successfully managed their casinos responsibly for many years. These are the only casinos that utilize TopGame software, which legitimate review portals highly recommend.

Now that we have addressed these questions, let’s proceed to our blacklist. Below, we have provided a list of companies and the corresponding casinos they have operated. Make sure to bookmark this page, as we will keep it updated with any new additions or removals.


AFFPOWER has been associated with various issues, including unethical marketing and business practices, delayed payments, unjustly voiding winnings for minor terms and conditions infractions, and even illegally hacking blogs to place their advertisements. Additionally, there have been reports of software piracy, such as the distribution of pirated games.

The following casinos have been linked to AFFPOWER:

  • Atlantic Casino
  • Blu Casino
  • Casino Bordeaux
  • Cosmik Casino
  • Crazy Casino
  • Deuce Club Casino
  • Euro Moon Casino
  • Madame Chance Casino
  • OceanBets Casino
  • Osiris Casino
  • Park Lane Casino
  • Ramses Gold Casino
  • Slots500 Casino
  • Triomphe Casino

It is important to be aware of these concerns when considering any involvement with AFFPOWER or its associated casinos.


Engages in poor casino practices, specifically by failing to honor a Happy Hour bonus promotion when they themselves made a mistake and players took advantage of it. Betfair confiscated player winnings and refused to return them, neglecting to do the right thing despite being the ones at fault.


Encourages users and their own customers to spam casinos and gambling-related sites. They later made it a condition for customers to be paid their winnings (spamming to get paid). According to their Terms and Conditions, players can only receive their winnings under one condition: they must publish about their win in the BetVoyager tournament.


Failed to pay players when they ran out of money, yet continued to operate and accept deposits from unknowing players.


Repeatedly spammed players via email, ignored customer requests, and outright refused to pay players. Despite these unethical practices, they are still in operation today.

  • 99 Slot Machines
  • Mighty Slots
  • Plenty Jackpots
  • Real Vegas Online
  • SlotLuv
  • Slot Nuts
  • Slots Inferno


Frequently receive player complaints regarding non-payment, slow payments, and evasive support. They employ predatory terms, such as limiting cashouts to 10 times the deposit amount for deposits under $250, even if no bonus is claimed.

  • 21Grand Casino
  • Casino Fiz
  • CrazyWinners Casino
  • Euro Fortune Casino
  • EZ Scratch
  • Play2Win Casino
  • Rockbet
  • Slots Jackpot Casino
  • SupremePlay Casino
  • Tradition Casino
  • Vegas Days Casino


Consistently fail to pay licensees, players support team,, and affiliates.

  • Big Daddys Casino
  • Doms Casino
  • Empire Casino
  • RioParty Casino
  • US Star Casino
  • 300 Chips
  • Ace City
  • Amco Poker
  • Average Joe Poker
  • Touch Stone Gaming
  • Vegas 24
  • Beach House Poker
  • Don Poker
  • Down Home Poker
  • Dukes Palace
  • Jack Daddys Poker
  • Lucky River Poker
  • Maya Gaming
  • Open Table Poker
  • Podium Poker
  • Poker Syndicate
  • Xtreme Bluff
  • Want My Poker
  • Poker Dealer
  • Poker Eon
  • Poker Poka
  • Pokers DNA
  • Poker Souls
  • Star Online Gaming
  • Stinky Fish Poker
  • Texas Holdem Room
  • The Golden Vegas
  • The Poker Club

Gambling Federation (CGTV Games):

They installed malware and modified hosts to block other casino operator domains. Some of them are still operational. They locked player accounts, denied winnings, and their customer service is nowhere to be found.

  • BlackJack Club
  • Commodore Casino
  • Pink Lady Casino
  • Video Poker Classic Casino
  • 707 Casino
  • After Work Casino
  • All Poker Games
  • Amazing Video Poker
  • Casino 3X
  • Casino Alhambra
  • Casino Freedom
  • Casino Grande
  • Major Slots
  • Max Slots Casino
  • Casino Italia
  • Casino Mel
  • Casino Poker Las Vegas
  • Go 4 Millions Casino
  • Golden Balls Casino
  • Golden Star Casino
  • It’s Las Vegas Baby Casino
  • Jeux de Cesar
  • K2 Casino
  • Lady Luck Online Casino
  • Lucky Gate Casino
  • Magic Vegas Casino
  • Maximus Casino
  • Mickey’s Club Casino
  • Mr. Casino
  • Oceans Online Casino
  • Online Casino Fever
  • Pure Slots Casino
  • Rich Club Casino
  • Rockland Casino
  • Royal City Casino
  • Sizzling Slots
  • Slots Express Casino
  • Video Poker Saloon
  • Winners Goldmine

iButler Casinos:

They spammed forums, pretending to be happy players. They also ripped off games and content. Their licensing jurisdiction failed to oversee, notice, or take care of these issues.

Isagro Holdings Casinos:

They used to be a reputable group of casinos that blogs and forums happily recommended. However, they started experiencing delayed payments, tiny cash outs, and closure.

Rendered Inoperable:

It’s advisable to avoid joining any of their online gambling sites. They opened a new casino, Liberty Bell Casino, in 2015 without resolving their past issues. Their Skrill account confirmed their continued operation under Isagro Holdings.

  • Cherry Red Casino
  • Liberty Bell Casino
  • SBG Global
  • Pure Vegas Casino
  • Rushmore Casino
  • Slots Oasis
  • Slotsville

Lock Casino:

They had their funds seized by a payment processor, leaving them unable to pay their players. Payments were slow and infrequent, with some players trading/selling their funds for as low as 33 cents on the dollar. Certain players waited over a year to be paid, while the casino/poker room continued accepting new players and enjoying lavish trips.

Lucky 18 Casino:

They have a reputation for not paying players. The owner was arrested in Israel in 2009 and charged with providing an illegal gambling site to residents. The site closed in early 2011 but seems to be operating again using TopGame software.

NetAd Management / Affactive / WinPalace Group:

They target American players and have slow payout processes, sometimes in increments as small as $500. They stall players for up to 90 days for “verifications” and then offer only $500 and a deposit bonus. If you wait out the 90 days, your cash out will be denied, claiming that you haven’t played at the casino recently. The owners were arrested for fraud/hacking in July 2015.

  • Begado Casino
  • Casino Titan
  • Golden Cherry Casino
  • Grand Macao Casino
  • Jackpot Grand Casino
  • Slots Jungle Casino
  • Slots of Fortune
  • WinPalace Casino
  • WinPalacePlay

Operia Costa Rica Casinos:

All their casinos operate without a license and run pirated software. It is highly likely that their games are neither fair nor random. Winners experience slow or no payments.

  • Always Cool Casino
  • BetDNA
  • Moneystorm Casino
  • Pamper Casino

Playtech Casinos:

They have predatory terms that limit payouts on progressive wins. Casinos impose restrictions on how much you can cash out on huge wins, which is unreasonable considering the time it takes to withdraw all the winnings from multiple accounts. For instance, a player won $4.1 million in 2009 at Joyland Casino but could only receive $9,000 per month, meaning it would take 39 years to get fully paid out. When the player expressed dissatisfaction, the casino offered her the option of taking only half the amount, which would be paid immediately with a 60k rollover. She ended up accepting the deal. The casino kept $2 million of money that didn’t belong to them (it came from player bets). Many casinos have similar terms.

  • 7Regal Casino
  • 50Stars Casino
  • African Palace Casino
  • Bwin
  • Carnival Casino
  • Casino Bellini
  • Casino Del Rio
  • Casino Las Vegas
  • Casino King
  • Casino Tropez
  • City Club Casino
  • City Tower Casino
  • Club Dice Casino
  • Crown Europe Casino
  • Euro Grand Casino
  • Euro Max Play
  • Europa Casino
  • Europlay Casino
  • Giant Vegas
  • Grand Reef Casino
  • Indio Casino
  • Jackpot247
  • Joyland Casino
  • La Isla Online Casino
  • Magic Box Casino
  • Majestic Comet Casino
  • Noble Casino
  • Palace VIP Casino
  • Party Casino
  • Planet Kings
  • Prestige Casino
  • Prime Casino
  • Royal Dice
  • Sierra Star Casino
  • Sky Kings Casino
  • Super Casino
  • Swiss Casino
  • Titan Casino
  • Vegas Red
  • Vernons Casino
  • Winner Casino


They proudly announced the winners of a massive jackpot on the Beach Life slots. However, they failed to fulfill their commitment to make the payments as agreed. When the player inquired about the payments, she was met with silence and later told outright that she would not receive another penny.

Their response was dismissive, stating, “Listen, I don’t appreciate your attitude. You won’t receive a single cent of your money anymore. Feel free to go to the social media accounts or seek legal action, but as an overseas company, they can’t touch us.”

  • African Palace Casino
  • Grand Reef Casino
  • Indio Casino


These casinos are affiliated with the Winpalace Group and cater to American players. Unfortunately, they have gained a reputation for delaying payouts and employing stall tactics under the pretense of “security procedures.”

It was later discovered that these entities are also linked to Affactive, which conveniently went offline around the same time.

  • Classy Coin Casino
  • Loco Panda Casino
  • Grand Parker Casino
  • Onbling Casino


In 2008, this group resorted to recruiting black hat webmasters to promote their casino. Consequently, players’ inboxes were inundated with spam and malware. It appears that this organization acquired stolen databases of user personal information from other casinos. Additional issues include non-payment, double billing of credit cards, and threats against players who voiced their concerns.

  • Gold VIP Club Casino
  • Golden Gate Casino


Numerous players have filed complaints about delayed or nonexistent payment of legitimate winnings.

  • Casino Fortune
  • Goldgate Casino
  • Mapau Casino
  • Mapau Bingo
  • Miami Beach Casino
  • Poker Show


These casinos refuse to provide any explanation for withholding payments from players. Furthermore, their affiliate program has ceased to pay partners and affiliates.

  • Giant Vegas Casino
  • Royal Dice Casino
  • Sierra Star Casino
  • Nuts PokerTOPGAME CASINOS: experienced problems with payments and support.

Avoid following casinos due to various issues such as delayed payments, unresponsive support, and low withdrawal limits:

  • 21 Dukes
  • 50 States Casino
  • 7Reels
  • 7Spins
  • Aztec Casino
  • Black Lights Casino
  • Casino Crystal
  • Casino Moons
  • Casino Stars
  • Casino States
  • DiamondVIP Casino
  • Diceland Casino
  • Gold Vegas Casino
  • Mayflower Casino
  • Mona Casino
  • Money Casino
  • Planet 23 Casino
  • Rialto Casino
  • Rich Casino
  • Rome Casino
  • Royal Kings Casino
  • Silver Bets Casino
  • Thebes Casino
  • Winward Casino
  • Vegas Casino 21
  • Yes We Can Casino

VIP GOLDEN CLUB: a PHP-based casino software that allows operators to manipulate payouts.

Avoid the following casinos associated with WAGER21 due to their deceptive practices:

  • Gold Betting Casino
  • Lady Dream Casino
  • Players Vegas Casino
  • Luckydogsports

Additionally, be cautious of rogue casinos that operate with fake games pirated from reputable software companies like Net Entertainment, Playtech, and Novomatic. These casinos often target Russian-speaking markets and exclusively accept bitcoin:

  • 1bet2bet
  • 724arena
  • 77Jackpot
  • BTC-Casino
  • Casino Atlanta
  • Casino4live
  • CasinoGirl
  • Otobet
  • Twist Casino

To ensure fair play and a legitimate gambling experience, it’s recommended to choose reputable casinos that offer genuine games.

Are you tired of falling victim to scams?

We have the solution! Discover our top recommendations for online casinos. While it’s important to note that the absence of a casino from our list doesn’t guarantee safety, rest assured that we’ve done the hard work for you. Our team has meticulously tested hundreds of online casinos to bring you the most reliable and trustworthy options available. Below, you’ll find not only the safest, but the absolute best online casinos overall. Say goodbye to scams and enjoy a secure and exciting gaming experience.