All Aboard

All Aboard

Title: All Aboard
Developer: Rival Gaming
Reels: 5
Rows: 3
Paylines: 20
RTP: 94.1%
Max Win: 4000x
Volatility: N/A
Min/Max Bet: 0.01/0.25

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Rival Gaming has launched an online slot game called “All Aboard” that features a train theme, so you can experience the thrill of travelling on a Casey Jones driven train from the comfort of your home. The game offers various bonuses and rewards for finding train-themed items such as signals, whistles, and carriages. Additionally, you can enjoy exciting bonus slot games such as Wild Steam Engines, Casey Jones Free Spins, Scattered Starting Pins, and a Bonus Bell Pick-Me Game.

  • Dual reel set (top and bottom)
  • Full stack wild copycat feature
  • Combining wild multipliers up to x60
  • FS where wilds always cover both reels
  • Win up to 12,000x your stake
  • 100x max win without multiplier action

All Aboard: Slot review

The video slot game called “All Aboard” has a train travel theme and was created by Rival software provider. It has 5 reels and 20 paylines, and includes expanding Wilds, Free Spins and a Bonus Round. The symbols on the reels are related to trains, such as cars, conductors, railroad crossing signs, and animal cargo. This very classic video slot is overall a great game that would be enjoyable for those who enjoy travel and trains. You can play the game for free on this page or for real money at any Rival Casino.

Before starting your train ride, make sure to adjust your bet. Use the “Select Coins” button to choose the number of coins and click the +/- buttons below the coin symbol to set the coin size, which ranges from 0.01 to 0.25. The “Select Lines” button allows you to adjust the number of active paylines. Click “Spin” to spin the reels, or “Bet Max” to spin them at the highest wager. To spin the reels automatically for a set number of times and without interruption, click “Auto”.

To activate the All Aboard slots free spin mode, you only need to collect three Casey Jones symbols. The prize gets better with more symbols you collect. With three symbols, you’ll get 10 free spins bonus games at a 2x multiplier. If you collect four symbols, you’ll receive 20 free games at 3x multiplier. And with five symbols, you’ll win 40 free spins bonus, at a 4x multiplier, which is the highest prize.

To trigger the bonus round in All Aboard slot, you need to land three or more Bell scatter symbols. If you are lucky and the combination hits, a new screen will appear with your mission. You will need to search the boxcars to find an empty one. Note that the All Aboard bonus game can also be triggered during the free spin round.

Music and Sound Effects

The game’s background sounds are usually soft, but at times, you can hear the train’s horn and crossing signals as it nears a crossing. Although the background sounds do not become bothersome because of their infrequency, the sound effects during the reel spin can be quite different.

When you press the spin button, the reels make a sound like a train moving on tracks. However, there is also another unpleasant spinning sound accompanying it.

Whenever the golden bell symbol appears on the reels, a bell rings. Although this sound does not bother us as much as the sound of the reels continually spinning, we do find the dinging sound that plays when a winning combination is formed to be similar to that of a railroad crossing sign. Throughout the game, other sound effects also enhance the animation of symbols. Although the chosen sounds match the game’s theme, the spinning sound during each spin is not as well-suited. However, overall, the game’s sound effects are well-chosen and not overwhelming to the point of needing to mute them.


Most of the symbols in All Aboard feature animations which become visible when you get a winning combination. For instance, you might see railroad crossings blinking or train tracks being laid out on the expanding wilds.

All Aboard Theme

The symbols on the reels have a railway theme and include items such as railroad spikes, lanterns, whistles, water towers, cattle cars, a conductor, Casey Jones the train’s engineer, and the locomotive. It’s important to keep an eye out for the engineer and locomotive symbols as they trigger special game features and win cash prizes. The other symbols stay still until a prize is won and have subtle animations.

The follows the standard layout for Rival Gaming slots. You’ll find the paytable at the top and the rest of the buttons at the bottom. There’s also a dumb symbol and an auto spin button that lets you play a predetermined number of free spins game once.

Players have the option to choose from five different coin values, which range from 0.01 to 0.25. They can also select the number of coins to play per line, between one and ten, and choose to play up to 20 lines per spin. This means the minimum bet is 0.01 per spin, and the maximum is 50 per spin. To automatically set the maximum bet, players can use the “bet max” button.

All Aboard Pay Table and Graphics

Here’s an example of the symbols and payouts for All Aboard:

  • Steam Engine – In this game, there is a wild symbol called the steam engine. This symbol can expand to cover a whole reel and can replace any symbol except for the bonus and free spin symbols. It is the only wild symbol in the game and if it is a part of a winning combination, it pays out 2 times the original bet. Keep in mind that it can only be found on reels 1 or 2.
  • Bonus Bell – The bonus round is triggered when you land at least 3 golden bells on any of the reels.
  • Casey Jones Free Spins – This symbol represents Casey Jones, the train engineer. Getting three or more of this symbol will activate free spins along with a multiplier. If you get three of these icons, you’ll get 10 free spins and a 2x multiplier, four icons will give you 20 free spins and a 3x multiplier, and getting five icons will give you 40 free spins and a 4x multiplier.
  • Railroad Crossing Sign – The crossing sign is the icon that pays the least. It awards 3 times the bet for 3 of them, 15 times the bet for 4 of them, and 60 times the bet for 5 of them.
  • Train Horn –For getting 3 horn symbols, the payout is 4 times the original bet. For getting 4 horn symbols, the payout is 20 times the original bet, and for getting 5 horn symbols, the payout is 80 times the original bet.
  • Lantern – If you get 3 lantern symbols, you will get paid 6 times your bet; if you get 4 lantern symbols, you will get paid 30 times your bet; and if you get 5 lantern symbols, you will get paid 120 times your bet.
  • Water Tower – The payout for the water tower is 8 times the bet for 3 symbols, 40 times the bet for 4 symbols, and 160 times the bet for 5 symbols.
  • Manual Rail Trolley – The payout of the trolley machine is as follows: 12 times the bet for 3 symbols, 60 times the bet for 4 symbols, and 240 times the bet for 5 symbols.
  • Livestock Car – The payout for the livestock car is 16 times the bet for getting 3 matching symbols, 80 times the bet for getting 4 matching symbols, and 320 times the bet for getting 5 matching symbols.
  • Smiling Yellow Caboose – For the caboose symbol, if there are 3 symbols it pays 24 times the bet amount, for 4 symbols it pays 120 times the bet amount, and for 5 symbols it pays 360 times the bet amount.
  • Train Conductor – The cost of symbols increases as their number increases. The conductor pays 32 times the amount for three symbols, 160 times for four symbols, and 480 times for five symbols.
  • Railroad Spike – In the base game, the railroad spike is the symbol that offers the highest payout. If you get 2 symbols, it pays 2 times your bet, for 3 symbols it pays 40 times, for 4 symbols it pays 800 times, and for 5 symbols it pays 1600 times.

Symbol Graphics

The symbols featured in All Aboard are cartoonish graphics that complement the game’s theme. Among these symbols, we particularly enjoy the conductor’s exaggerated head size, as well as the Casey Jones character and the crossing sign. Nonetheless, we admire all of the symbols that Rival has created for this game.

All Aboard Slot Bonus Features

To activate the bonus prize game, simply land 3 or more bonus bells on any of the reels. Once triggered, you will be presented with a screen filled with box cars. Your task is to click on each box car one by one to reveal a prize. Keep clicking on box cars with prize amounts to increase your winnings. However, if you click on an empty box car, the game ends. The total amount revealed in all the box cars will be added to your balance right away.

Free Spins

To activate the free spins in the game, gather 3 or more Casey Jones symbols anywhere on the screen. The number of Casey symbols you collect will determine the number of free spins awarded which can be either 10, 20 or 40. The game will initiate the free spins automatically, so you don’t have to do anything. The reels will keep spinning until all the free spins have been used up.

Expanding Wild

In this game, the wild symbol is represented by an old-fashioned steam engine. Unlike other wild symbols, this one expands to cover the entire reel when it appears. This means that it can replace any symbol on that reel to help you form winning combinations. Since it covers the whole reel, it can complete multiple combinations at once, unlike a single wild symbol.

Betting Options

You can choose how many pay lines to play since the 20 pay lines are not fixed. However, we discovered that playing all pay lines increases your chances of winning compared many other rival casinos due to selecting best paying line win or specific ones. Keep in mind that changing the number of pay lines played doesn’t affect the slot outcomes, which are unpredictable.

You can adjust the coin value and number of coins used in each spin while playing this game. The coin value options range from .01 to .25 per coin, and you can choose to play with 1 to 10 coins.

The minimum bet per spin is $0.01 and the maximum bet per spin is $50.00.

Other Options

Auto play function is only available when playing the game for real money, not in the free version. To access game options, locate the almost invisible options link below the coin value buttons within the black frame. Here, you can adjust graphics levels, enable full screen mode, toggle audio on or off, and adjust background sound volume.

Return to Player RTP

According to Rival, All Aboard has a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 95% over a full game cycle, which is a favorable percentage for an online slot game.

In any given session or great game, by just a few spins, taking into account All Aboard’s RTP percentage, bonus features, and symbol payouts, you have a chance to win something.

Game Rules

This slot machine should be fairly good game and easy to adjust to if you have experience playing other 5 reel slot machines.

The All Aboard Slot Machine follows these rules:

Wins start from the leftmost reel going towards the right, except for free spins immediately mainly the free spins with Casey Jones Free Spin and Bonus Bell that can activate their special features from any reel position.

Only nice line win the highest payout is given when several wins occur in a single line. If there are any issues or malfunctions, the game will end, and everything will reset to the default settings.

How to play the All Aboard Slot

The online gambling slots game called All Aboard possesses a highly entertaining theme that has greatly contributed to its popularity among players. The game has a pleasing green background and crisp lines that make it enjoyable to play. The numbered paylines are displayed on the sides of the reels in lanterns, adding to the slot game coming it’s charm. To view the paytable, players can click on one of the two links at the top of the screen. The rest of the game buttons are located at the bottom of the screen.

The All Aboard slots game has 5 reels and 20 paylines, along with various special features. Players can choose to activate any number of paylines from 1 to 20. Additionally, they can bet 1 to 10 coins per payline using denominations of 0.01 to 0.25. This flexibility makes the game suitable for various online casino gaming budgets.

The symbols in the game are train-themed, with the railroad crossing sign paying out 60 for 5, the whistle paying out 80, the lantern paying out 120, the tower paying out 160, the yellow wagon paying out 240, the cart with the horse head paying out 320, the yellow caboose paying out 360, and the engineer in front of the clock paying out 480.


All Aboard has several advantageous features including a well-crafted train theme atmosphere, appealing graphics, and profitable bonus rounds. The train-related symbols effectively combine to create winning combinations, complementing the game paid overall train car ambiance.

This game combines high-quality graphics with playfulness, although some features may be exaggerated. During the bonus game, you will play a fun and exciting game similar to Minesweeper. Your objective typical rival game is to find all the box cars with coin amounts before finding an empty one.

One thing to keep in mind is that the game offers expanding wilds deposit bonus, and Casey Jones Free Spins more frequently than the bonus round. These features increase your chances of winning very big wager. Additionally, the game has a range of betting options with coin values from .01 to .25 cents, making it suitable for players with different budgets.

While this game may not have a high win rate, it is still a fun and enjoyable game to play. It can be found online and can be played for free or with real money. We suggest trying it out for free first to get a feel for the game before playing with real money.

All Aboard FAQs

Where can I play All Aboard online slot for free?

You can now play All Aboard for free on Zlots! To begin, return to the top of the page and press the start button.

What is the All Aboard RTP rate?

The return percentage of All Aboard is 94.1%, which is lower than the average for most other online casinos with slot machines.

Does All Aboard have a bonus round?

Yes, All Aboard has a bonus round which can be activated by 3+ Bonus Bell symbols appearing on the reels.

Can I unlock free spins when playing All Aboard?

In the All Aboard slot machine, you have the ability to unlock the Free Spins feature, as well as other features such as Autoplay, Scatter, and Wild.

Can you win a progressive jackpot on All Aboard slot?

Sorry, the online slot game called All Aboard does not offer a progressive jackpot. However, it does provide other entertaining and exciting factor features best slot games such as Autoplay, Scatter, and Wild symbols that can enhance your overall gambling experience.

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