Animal Madness

Animal Madness – Slot Demo & Review

Title: Animal Madness
Developer: Play'n Go
Layout: 5-5
Paylines: Cluster pays
RTP: 94.23% RTP Ranges!
Max Win: x2250.00 [ i ]
Volatility: Med
Min/Max Bet: 0.05/100


  • Enlarged wild symbols
  • Four adjacent symbols trigger a win
  • Symbols can be enhanced
  • No gamble feature
  • Wide range of RTPs

Animal Madness: Review

Play’n GO is widely recognized for their creation of dark-themed slots, rock games, big freaky grid slots, and joker games, among others. However, the Animal Madness slot machine introduces the studio’s third foray into the realm of farm-themed slots, following their previous releases of Piggy Bank Farm and Crazy Cows. While Animal Madness is a cluster paying grid slot, it captures the essence of farm life just as effectively, if not more.

The game commences with a sweeping orchestral score, unveiling an inviting yet slightly daunting pastoral setting. Animal Madness showcases a delightful cast of characters playing field together, with an ominously dark sky and the hint of an approaching storm in the background. However, any sense of unease quickly dissipates once the reels start spinning. The game maintains an exhilarating pace, characterized by quick hits and frequent features. This frenetic activity serves as one of the game’s main attractions, compensating for the absence of a bonus round.

Before we proceed, let’s start by choosing a bet ranging from 10 p/c to $/€100. Once the spin is activated, 25 symbols will cascade onto a 5×5 game panel. To achieve a win, you’ll need to connect at least 4 matching symbols vertically or two low paying symbols horizontally. While the game is not overly complex, it offers a medium volatility that can result in significant wins in a single spin, thanks to the cascade feature. This feature eliminates winning symbols and allows new ones to fill the empty spaces. Cascades will continue until no new wins occur, contributing to a math model with a theoretical return value of 96.20%.

There are eight pay symbols available for creating winning combinations. These symbols are divided into low-value crops and high-value livestock. The crop symbols include wheat, corn, tomatoes, and pumpkins, which pay 0.2x the bet for four of a kind and up to 40-200x the maximum bet amount for clusters of 18 or more. On the other hand, the high-value symbols feature chickens, goats, sheep, and cows, which pay 0.8-2x for four of a kind and up to 400-1,800x the bet for clusters of 18 or more. Throughout the game, various wild symbols can be added to the reels through different features. All wild types have the ability to substitute for any of the pay symbols, helping to form winning clusters.


The game features a charming farm theme, immersing players in a thrilling gaming experience alongside a delightful cast of farm animals. In the backdrop of the reels, the animals slumber peacefully, only to awaken when wins occur, adding excitement to the gameplay. This slot is compatible with a wide range of devices including notepads, mobiles, and desktops. To achieve a winning combination, aim to land 4 or more symbols of the same type in a cluster, triggering the cascade feature.

Animal Madness: Slot Features

When a winning cluster is cleared from the game board, it gracefully zooms into the mouth of a sunflower situated next to the grid. As a certain number of cascades are accumulated, a modifier is introduced to the board, enhancing the gameplay as follows:

  • Achieving 3 consecutive cascades activates Wild Chickens – three 1×2 wild symbols are seamlessly integrated into the reels.
  • Reaching 6 consecutive cascades triggers the appearance of the Wild Goat – a 2×3 wild symbol elegantly placed on the grid.
  • Unlocking 9 consecutive cascades initiates the presence of Wild Sheep – two 2×2 wild symbols are introduced to the grid, accompanied by symbol upgrades.
  • Attaining 12 consecutive cascades unveils the mighty Wild Cow – a majestic 3×3 sized wild prominently displayed on the reels.

In addition to these incredible features, there is Rabbit Mayhem, a delightful surprise that can be bestowed at random during any non-winning spin. When activated, this whimsical feature playfully removes random symbols from random positions in the play area, setting off a cascade of excitement.

Bonus Features


When a winning cluster is formed, it triggers the cascade feature. As a result of non winning spins, the symbols involved in the win vanish from the reels, making way for new symbols to fill the empty spots. This process continues as long as new winning combinations are formed.


When you create winning clusters, these symbols will contribute to filling up a meter on a Sunflower. Every third cascade will trigger a feature, with the following rewards:

  • 3 cascades = You will receive 3 wilds of size 1X2 placed randomly on the reels.
  • 6 cascades = A 2X3 wild will be granted, positioned randomly on the reels.
  • 9 cascades = You will be rewarded with 2 wilds of size 2X2 positioned randomly on the reels. Additionally, all symbol types will have their payouts doubled.
  • 12 cascades = A 3X3 wild will be placed randomly on the reels.

Enjoy the excitement of these rewards as you play!

Rabbit Destruction

When spinning the last five reels without generating a win, the Rabbit Destruction feature can randomly activate, assisting in the creation of winning combinations. There are three distinct Rabbit Destruction features, each with its own unique effect:

  1. The first feature removes 3 rows of symbols from the reel setup.
  2. The second feature eliminates 3 reels of symbols from the reel setup.
  3. The third feature eradicates all lower paying symbols from the reel setup.

The 200 Spins Animal Madness Slot Experience

In our 5-minute highlights video, we were lucky enough to experience the Rabbit Mayhem feature not just once, but twice right at the beginning. This led us on an exciting journey through multiple sunflower modifiers. Towards the end of the video, a similar occurrence took place, unleashing even more wild modifiers throughout. Don’t miss out on all the action – hit the play button below and see it for yourself!

How To Play Animal Madness

For those familiar with slot machines featuring an avalanche mechanic, playing the game will be a breeze. However, if you’re new to it, here’s a concise guide to get you started on the farmyard adventure:

  1. Once you enter the main game screen, you can adjust your wager by using the + and – symbols at the center of the dashboard. Your bet will be clearly displayed.
  2. On the right side of the dashboard, you’ll find the option to enable autoplay and customize it according to your preferences, such as stopping on specific win or loss levels.
  3. Now, navigate to the left side of the dashboard and click on the information icon.
  4. This action will open a new set of three screens.
  5. One of the screens will illustrate how cascades cultivate the growth of sunflowers to the left of the reels, triggering wild features and exciting additions.
  6. Click the right-facing arrow to proceed to the next two pages, which showcase the detailed paytable.
  7. Returning to the main screen, you’ll find your balance, any wins you’ve landed, and your current wager. These vital details are conveniently displayed on the dashboard.
  8. You’re now all set to embark on your gaming journey. Simply hit the spin button and let the adventure unfold!

Animal Madness: Verdict

Play’n GO is renowned for their expertise in designing grid slots, and Animal Madness sets itself apart from their previous creations. Instead of the traditional approach of collecting winning symbols to fill a meter, this game introduces a unique twist. By collecting consecutive cascades, players can trigger exciting features. The main distinction between Animal Madness and other Play’n GO grid slots lies in the absence of an ultimate bonus round. Even a relatively subdued grid slot like Lordi Reel Monsters offered a potentially game-changing free spin reward upon completing a collection sequence. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, and some players may actually find this approach more appealing.

Animal Madness has a certain treadmill-like quality, with bursts of excitement when the features trigger, and slower moments in between. What keeps it entertaining, at least for a while, is the frequent hits that come at a rapid pace. The base game also offers quite a number of feature triggers, although reaching the second level can be challenging. The Rabbit Mayhem feature is not overly rare either, as it helps clear pesky symbols while feeding the sunflower. One of the highlights of this game is the placement of wild symbols, which almost guarantees a win when added to the grid. This not only rewards you with some cash but also keeps the cascades flowing. Additionally, the upper end of the paytable offers substantial payouts. In fact, playing Animal Madness gives you the chance to win up to 2,250x the bet.

Using the treadmill analogy once more, there comes a point when you simply want to step off, whether due to exhaustion or boredom. Eventually, Animal Madness’ frenzy begins to lose its charm. However, until that moment arises, there is an abundance of fun and carefree gaming to be enjoyed by the right player, amidst a flurry of adorable animal antics.

Animal Madness FAQs

What is the RTP of Animal Madness?

The Return to Player (RTP) for this online slot game varies significantly, ranging from 84.20% to 96.2%. With such a wide range, players should exercise their own judgment and compare offers from different online casinos before deciding to play this game at a recommended casino.

Is there a gamble feature in Animal Madness?

There is no bonus game available for players to attempt to double their winnings through a game of chance. While symbol upgrades are present, this slot machine offers limited features, leaving players questioning the designer’s decision to not include more enhancements to elevate the overall gameplay experience.

Are there wild symbols in Animal Madness?

There are four wild symbols that can appear on one petal the reels based on how quickly players can cultivate the sunflower beside them. These wilds expand to cover multiple positions, giving players more opportunities to form winning combinations. Additionally, symbols can be enhanced during this phase.

How volatile is Animal Madness?

This release from Play’n Go has a medium volatility rating, scoring 6 out of 10 on their own volatility scale.

What is the biggest win possible?

In Animal Madness, you have the chance to win an impressive 2,250 times your stake. This offers a solid yet moderate potential for rewards.

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