Gluttony – Slot Demo & Review

Title: Gluttony
Developer: Nolimit City
Layout: 5-5
Paylines: 3125
RTP: 96.09% RTP Ranges!
Max Win: x32000.00 [ i ]
Volatility: High
Min/Max Bet: 0.2/100


  • 32,000 x bet max wins
  • New xZone mechanic
  • Superb FEDCON 1 feature
  • Gameplay is complicated at first
  • Extreme high volatility

Gluttony: Review

Gluttony, as defined by Google, refers to the habitual greed or excess in eating. This perfectly encapsulates the premise of Gluttony, an online slot game created by the masters of the grotesque, Nolimit City. Gluttony dives deep into the pleasures, compulsions, and aftermaths of indulging in excessive eating. If the sight of a grown man devouring plates of food until he starts dribbling offends or repulses you, it’s best to look away now. The game doesn’t hold back, both in its thematic treatment and the wide range of gaming features it offers.

Gluttony’s base game is set in a room that manages to be both elegant and chaotic at the same time. The tables are adorned with comfortable-looking seats, perfect for settling in and engaging in a feast. However, the room is a mess, with food scattered all over the floor. At first glance, Gluttony may not seem too intimidating; it appears to be a place where people simply enjoy their meals. But as the game progresses, Gluttony gains momentum, and a diverse selection of food becomes available for consumption. Brace yourself for an epic culinary experience.

Most of the time, winning combinations are formed when matching symbols appear from left to right on the leftmost reel, resulting in 10 regular payouts. However, in FEDCON 1, a unique system called Crosslink Wins is utilized, where combinations are connected to the center symbol. While it may be difficult to explain, a glance at the analogy will provide clarity. In the Gluttony game, the lower-value symbols consist of 5 relatively healthy plates of food, while the higher-value symbols represent 5 less healthy options, with pizza being the highest paying symbol. Achieving a winning combination of 5 symbols rewards a payout ranging from 0.4 to 1.2 times the bet for the healthier options, whereas the more indulgent premium symbols are worth 2 to 10 times the bet for a combination of 5. Cooked chickens serve as wild symbols, capable of substituting any regular low paying symbol used.

Gluttony Slot RTP, Details and Wager Limits

The Gluttony slot game features a 5×5 grid with 3,125 ways to win. Winning combinations are formed by matching symbols from left to right across consecutive reels, starting from the leftmost symbol and wild adjacent reel (reel 1). The payout is determined by multiplying the value of the winning symbol in the Paytable by the number of ways it appears.

Gluttony also introduces Crosslink Wins, where the payout is based on the length of the winning symbol sequence from the outer reel values each side. To win, you need matching symbols from both the outer rim and the middle, coming from any direction (up, down, left, or right). Only the highest win from a Crosslink Win is awarded.

When it comes to betting options, Gluttony offers a wide range of choices, starting from a minimum of 20p and going up to £100 per spin. To access the stakes, simply click or press the $ icon located below the reels. This will display all available options. If you’re playing from outside the UK, you can take advantage of the Autoplay feature, allowing you to enjoy up to 1,000 automatic spins, with the option to set single win or balance limits. For a faster spin speed, you can activate Turbo Mode by clicking or pressing the lightning bolt icon.

The Gluttony game has a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.09%. This is above the average RTP of online slots, which typically hovers around 96%. The base game contributes 58.23% to the RTP, while the bonus features make up 37.86%. Some slot sites may offer versions of the game with RTP rates of 94.03% and 92.02%. You can check the Paytable to confirm the RTP version you are playing.

Theme and Graphics

Nolimit City presents the Gluttony slot machine, a delectable online slot game with a scrumptious food and drink theme. Indulge in the excitement of its captivating features that make it one of the finest online slots out there. Prepare to feast on winning combinations as you fill all five reels with mouthwatering pizzas, burgers, and other popular meals. Whether you’re playing on your mobile, tablet, or desktop, the Gluttony slot will surely satisfy your cravings. Keep an ear out for the dinner bell scatter nearby food symbols, as they can trigger exhilarating free spins with enticing modifiers.

With 3,125 ways to win and extreme volatility, the Gluttony online slot offers an exhilarating gaming experience. Fulfill your appetite for big prizes by aligning three to five matching pizzas, burgers, or wild pots. And that’s not all – each winning combination triggers the tumbling reels feature, providing you with more opportunities to bank even more prizes. Plus, with an impressive RTP of 96.09%, you can relish in the excitement of Gluttony at popular slot sites.

Join the feast and let Gluttony satisfy your hunger for both entertainment and big rewards!

Gluttony: Slot Features

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Gluttony’s mechanics, here’s an overview of its features: scatters, the xZone Sauce symbol, Wild Pot, Golden Bell Spins, Order Up!, FEDCON 1, and the Nolimit Bonus.


Gluttony features two types of scatters: the Silver Bell scatter on reels 2-4 and the silver and Golden Bell the scatter on reel 3. These scatters trigger different features depending on their combinations:

  • When 3 Silver scatters land, 8 free Order Up! spins are triggered.
  • If 1 Golden and 2 Silver scatters appear, 10 free Double Up! spins are awarded along with an x2 multiplier.
  • When 2 Golden Bell and 1 Silver Bell scatter land, 12 Quadruple Up! spins are triggered, accompanied by an x4 multiplier.
  • If 3 Golden Bell scatters appear, +6 spins are awarded, and entry to FEDCON 1 is granted.

Each Golden Bell scatter adds +2 free spins and increases the multiplier by +x2. During FEDCON 1, the Golden Bell can only land on the inner and outer reels, permanently doubling their values.

xZone Sauce

This symbol grants a +1 multiplier value to each regular pay symbol and any adjacent wild symbol, whether vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. While multiple xZone Sauces can appear on the same row, they cannot appear on the same reel. During the FEDCON 1 feature, xZone Sauce exclusively appears on the inner reels, adding a +1 multiplier to all connected pay and wild adjacent to symbols.

Wild Pot

The Wild Pot has the potential to appear in various locations: Order Up!, Double Up!, Quadruple Up!, or FEDCON 1, specifically on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5. Acting as a wild symbol, the Wild Pot not only contributes to wins but also has the ability to gather adjacent food symbols in horizontal or vertical directions. Its multiplier increases by +1 for each low-pay winning symbol, +2 for each medium-pay winning symbol, or +2 for each other winning symbol exceeding collect wild symbol it collects. Once collected, the Wild Pot becomes sticky, retaining its increased multiplier for one more hit. However, if it fails to collect, it is removed. During FEDCON 1, the Wild Pot exclusively lands on the inner reels and collects all the food symbols on its connected outer reel, preventing those symbols from contributing to Fat Bastard’s progression.

Golden Bell Spins

When you land 1 Golden Bell, it triggers Golden Bell Spins, where you are rewarded with 2 respins and a x2 multiplier. If you manage to land a golden bell landed another Golden Bell during a Golden Bell Spin, you will be granted an additional 2 respins, and the multiplier will increase to x4. Achieving the feat of landing 3 Golden Bells in a row will activate FEDCON 1.

Order Up!

For each Golden Bell that is landed, the game feature Order Up! will be upgraded, granting an additional 2 spins and doubling the current multiplier. If a Golden Bell lands and the multiplier is already at x4, then Order Up! will be further upgraded to FEDCON 1, awarding an extra 6 spins. Please note that free spins cannot be triggered again.


Landing 3 Golden Bells Scatters awards an additional 6 spins. Each win starts from the Fat Bastard symbol at the center of the grid. As players reach new levels, they receive 2 extra free spins, Fat Bastard gains a 1x multiplier, and a respin is triggered. To progress to levels 2, 3, 4, and 5, players need to collect 20 golden bell scatter symbols, then 30 more, then another 40, and finally another 50 winning symbols. It’s important to note that low-pay symbols contribute +1 to the progress bar, while medium symbols and wilds contribute +2.

Nolimit Bonus

Within the Nolimit Bonus section, players have the opportunity to purchase various spins. For just 100x the bet (max RTP 96.08%), they can obtain 8 Order Up! spins. Alternatively, they can opt for 14 FEDCON 1 spins, available for 1,000x the bet (max RTP 96.09%). Lastly, there is the enticing option of a Super Lucky Draw, obtainable for 300x the bet (max RTP 96.11%).

Gluttony Bonus Features

The Gluttony slot offers an array of 9 exciting bonus features. In demo mode, players can enjoy tumbles, upgrading symbols, and xZone Sauce symbols that apply a +1 multiplier increase on paying symbols and wilds. The Wild Pot symbols act as wilds, collecting adjacent food and connected paying symbols, and boosting their multipliers. Additionally, there are respins with multipliers, Order Up! features with free spins and multipliers of up to 4x, and the FEDCON 1 feature where collecting symbols grants extra free spins and increases the Fat Bastard’s multiplier.

The 200 Spins Gluttony Slot Experience

Experience a sneak peek of the base game, followed by the exhilarating FEDCON 1 bonus round at 0:33 in the 3:18-minute highlights video. Prepare for a thrilling ride with 14 free spins, and witness the excitement unfold by simply pressing play below.

Gluttony Slot Mobile

Gluttony, created by Nolimit City using state-of-the-art HTML5 technology, was launched on June 6th, 2023. This captivating game is accessible on mobiles, desktops, and tablets, seamlessly compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. Its 5×5 layout is optimized for mobile devices, providing an exceptional gaming experience.

Similar Slots

Indulge in the Gluttony slot machine, then savor more food-themed slots from various software providers. Join renowned chef Gordon Ramsay as you spin the reels in Hell’s Kitchen by NetEnt for a taste of top-notch features. For a chance at exciting big-prize action, try your luck with Poppin’ Pizza Prizes by Slot Factory. Get ready for a mouthwatering gaming experience!

Gluttony: Verdict

Gluttony evoked memories of the famous Simpsons episode in which Homer found himself in court after being expelled from the all-you-can-eat seafood restaurant, The Frying Dutchman. Marge recalled, “We drove around until 3 am searching for another all-you-can-eat fish restaurant.” The lawyer inquired, “And when you couldn’t find one?” Marge replied, “We went fishing.

Shifting gears, it’s intriguing to contemplate how Gluttony will be received in certain circles, especially considering New York’s recent ban on height and weight discrimination. This slot game certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing its disdain for excessive calorie consumption. The name “Fat Bastard” leaves nothing to the imagination; it’s as subtle as a cheesecake to the face. But this audacious, politically incorrect, “FTW” attitude is precisely what fans have come to adore about Nolimit City. Alongside their unwavering approach, players can expect innovative gameplay, thrilling features, and captivating themes, all of which converge in the indulgent feast that is Gluttony.

In addition to the newly introduced xZone mechanic, the standout feature in Gluttony is undoubtedly the FEDCON 1 bonus round. This is where most of the innovative ideas have been incorporated, and upon initial inspection, it evokes that classic NLC reaction of “what on earth is happening here?”. Approaching it without familiarizing oneself with the rules is a daring move. Even after revisiting and studying the rules, understanding FEDCON 1 may require some time. It’s important to keep in mind that wins in FEDCON 1 are connected to Fat Bastard, so fully absorbing the Crosslink Wins key in the paytable would be beneficial. Alternatively, one can relax and play a few demo rounds until everything becomes clear. One notable aspect is that the FEDCON 1 bonus rounds are quite extensive, featuring extended streaks of consecutive wins, upgrades, and extra free spins, akin to a multi-course meal. It bears resemblance to the likes of Finn and the Swirly Spin, with its swirling and immersive nature. This makes the idea of purchasing FEDCON 1 quite enticing, especially considering its respectable returns during our testing sessions. However, with a cost of 1,000 times the base bet amount, it is not a cheap endeavor. On a somber note, one can’t help but sympathize with Fat Bastard, as achieving the maximum win of 32,000 times the bet triggers the Heart Attack feature.

Indulge in the glorious, calorie-hoovering realm of Gluttony. If you have an appetite for gorging indulgence, then you must try this unique Nolimit City slot. Picture not a dainty morsel on a plate, but a full-on 5-dollar buffet experience where the goal is to stuff yourself to the brim and loosen your belt by several notches. Nolimit City has stuffed this chicken with a gamut of new ideas, some of which may be a little too tangy for certain taste buds. However, if Gluttony appeals to you, take the time to digest the rules, master the gameplay, and conquer the multiple courses to find ultimate satisfaction.

Gluttony FAQs

Is Gluttony available to play online for free?

Absolutely! You have the opportunity to enjoy the Gluttony slot for free, without any download requirements, right here on Zlots.

What is the Gluttony RTP?

The Gluttony online slot boasts an official RTP of 96.11%, making it an average slot machine in terms of RTP. Explore this exciting game or discover other slots with even higher RTP on Zlots. Enjoy the thrill and potential rewards of these captivating options!

What is the max win amount you can get from Gluttony slot?

The Gluttony slot machine offers a chance to win up to $10, which is the result of multiplying the maximum bet per line with the highest-paying symbol. Experience its enjoyable gameplay and take advantage of its useful features while keeping an eye out for the grand prize!

Can you trigger free spins bonus feature in Gluttony?

Certainly! In the Gluttony slot game, you have the opportunity to activate the exciting Free Spins bonus feature, along with a range of other fantastic features including Autoplay, Scatter, Wild, Multiplier, and Bonus Round.

Does Gluttony slot feature a progressive jackpot feature?

Currently, Gluttony does not offer a progressive jackpot feature. However, rest assured that the other features will provide you with an enjoyable and thrilling gambling experience!

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