Hercules 10K Ways

Hercules 10K Ways

Game Title: Hercules 10K Ways Developer: ReelPlay Reels: 6 Rows: 4 Paylines: 10,000 Return to Player (RTP): 96.1% | 94.0% | 90.5% | 86.0% Maximum Win: 6,108x Volatility: Medium/High Minimum/Maximum Bet: 0.20/40
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With breathtaking artwork and awe-inspiring animation, you’ll embark on a heroic journey, summoning the mighty strength of Hercules to battle relentless mythological creatures and bolster your arsenal. Unleash your strategic prowess to trigger explosive chain reactions, and experience an astonishing 10,000 pathways to victory!

  • Thrilling bonus features, such as cascading symbols and intense battles
  • Great potential for substantial wins
  • May not resonate with players seeking free play straightforward, classic slot games
  • Higher volatility may necessitate longer gameplay sessions to achieve notable victories

Hercules 10K Ways: Slot Review

Hercules, the Roman adaptation of the Greek hero Heracles, is the son of the god Jupiter and the mortal Alcmena. He is widely recognized for his renowned 12 Labours – slaying the Nemean Lion, defeating the Lernaean Hydra, and conquering the Stymphalian Birds, among others. It’s worth noting that Hercules had many other remarkable achievements beyond his battles. However, his inclination for combat sets the tone for Hercules 10K Ways, an online slot game developed by ReelPlay in collaboration with partner studio Yggdrasil Gaming. At the heart of this game is a captivating hold ‘n win round, showcasing Hercules engaging in epic clashes against a formidable array of monsters.

The key element that ties together the various 10K Ways slots is their visually captivating gaming panel reminiscent of the popular Megaways format. In Hercules 10K Ways, players will encounter a unique matrix consisting of 6 vertically spinning reels accompanied by symbols falling a top reel with 4 symbols that move horizontally. Unlike Megaways, where the number of symbols landing on each spin varies, Hercules 10K Ways maintains a consistent number of symbols, resulting in a fixed 10,000 ways to win – hence the name.

As for the setting, Hercules 10K Ways transports players to a mesmerizing world adorned with golden-hued Greco-Roman structures, majestic mountains, and sunbeams that cast a radiant glow. While the visual scenery may not be exceptionally extraordinary, brace yourself for an awe-inspiring experience when the bonus game is triggered and witness Hercules in all his magnificent splendor, showcasing his impeccable physique and undeniable charisma.

When it comes to hold ‘n win games with massive rewards, 10K Ways slots don’t quite reach the highest ranks. They fall more into the mid-tier category, technically speaking. This assessment applies to Hercules 10K Ways as well, which features a medium-high volatile math model and offers decent, though not astonishing, winning opportunities. The game is available with four different RTP levels, with the highest being 96.1% and a hit frequency of 24.52%. Wins are paid from the leftmost reel to the right, as long as matching symbols appear on adjacent reels. The betting range spans from 20 p/c to £/€40 per spin.

In terms of symbols, Hercules 10K Ways reuses the low-paying 9-A card royals that were previously seen in Thor 10K Ways, while introducing four new high-paying beast symbols. A winning line of 6 card rank symbols awards a payout ranging from 0.5 to 1.2 times the bet, while a 6-symbol combination of premium symbols can award from 2 to 100 times the stake. During the base game, Hercules only appears on the top reel and can substitute for all symbols except the Golden Apples.

Design and Soundtrack

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Hercules 10K, where mythological elements seamlessly blend with modern aesthetics. Meticulously crafted visuals showcase intricate details and vibrant symbols, breathing life into the mythological theme in a contemporary manner.

Embark on a gaming journey accompanied by an engaging soundtrack that flawlessly complements the heroic atmosphere. The immersive melodies and captivating sound effects enhance the overall experience, enveloping you in a realm of ancient legends.

Heracles 10K Ways: Features of the Slot Game

The base game of Hercules 10K Ways revolves around cascades as its primary feature. However, it truly becomes exhilarating when a minimum of 5 Golden Apples appear, triggering the Hercules Battle Spins Feature.


The cascade mechanic removes each symbol in a winning combination and replaces it with new symbols either from above or the side (on the top reel). This process continues until no new winning combinations are formed after a cascade.

Hercules Battle Spins Feature

Each Golden Apple symbol that is triggered awards its displayed value and grants Hercules +1 life point, up to a maximum of 10. The opponents appear in a specific order on the opposite side of the grid compared to Hercules, and their respective life points are also displayed. The opponents, in order, are the Boar, the Hydra, Cerberus, and the Lion, starting with 3, 4, 5, or 6 life points, respectively.

At the beginning of a Battle Round, 3 respins are granted. During the Battle Round, only the symbols of the current monster, Hercules symbols (which display a prize value), blank symbols or blanks can land on the grid. Any Hercules or monster symbols that land during this round become sticky and remain until the Battle Round ends. The Battle Round concludes when either the respins run out or all positions on the grid are filled. At this point, the symbols on the grid are processed from left to right and top to bottom.

When a Monster symbol is processed, it reduces Hercules’ life points by 1 new wins. On the other hand, when a Hercules symbol is processed, it decreases the monster’s life points by 1 and grants the corresponding prize.

If Hercules’ Life points reach 0 before all symbols are processed, the symbol processing ends, concluding the bonus round. In the event that the opponent’s life reaches 0 before all symbols are processed, the remaining unprocessed Hercules symbols transform into Golden Apples. These Golden Apples not only add Life points to Hercules but also bestow their respective prizes. Following this, the next opponent emerges (up to Lion). Should a Battle Round conclude with Hercules still possessing life points, another Battle Round ensues, granting an additional 3 respins. At the commencement of a Battle Round, the grid is reset.

Defeating the Lion in this main feature also grants a Victory Prize, concluding the round. The Victory Prize can be either the Grand, Major, Minor, or Mini, worth 2,000x, 250x, 50x, or 10x the bet, respectively. Additionally, during the round, Golden Apples and Hercules symbols may reveal a non-bonus prize ranging from 1 to 100x the bet, or even the Grand, Major, Minor, or Mini prizes.

Betting and Prizes

The minimum wager available for selection is $0.20, while the maximum is $30. There exists a wide range of bet values between these two extremes that may suit your preferences.

With a potential top prize of up to $183,244, Hercules 10K Ways offers a return on the wager of only 6,108x. While this top prize is not disappointing, there are other medium-high volatility slots that have achieved even better results. The long-term RTP stands at 96.10%, slightly above the average, which is always appreciated.

Exploring Hercules 10K Ways Slot: RTP, Variance, and Payouts

The Hercules 10K Ways slot offers a default 96.10% RTP and belongs to the medium-high volatility category of casino slots. When it comes to big wins, you have the chance to win up to 6,108 times your stake.

Discover more about return-to-player percentages and game volatilities in our comprehensive Variance, Volatility, and RTP Guide.

Hercules 10K Ways: Slot Verdict

Firstly, let me give a nod to ReelPlay for their innovative approach in the 10K range. While it may not suit everyone’s taste, those who lean towards the Money Train side of the hold ‘n win spectrum might find Hercules 10K Ways a touch sluggish and lacking substance despite the intense action in the bonus round. On the other hand, players who prefer to steer clear of runaway freight trains could appreciate the remarkable blend of video game and cinematic elements that Reel Play has masterfully infused into Hercules 10K Ways.

The base game of Hercules 10K Ways lacks substantial features beyond cascading wins. This leads to a repetitive cycle of dead spins and occasional wins through the multitude of ways. While the right symbols can yield decent results, the Hercules Battle Spins feature surpasses initial expectations.

Unlike anticipated, instead of simply collecting money symbols, players are treated to an engaging spectacle of Hercules battling formidable monsters. The intense struggle between these colossal entities on opposite ends of the game grid resembles the epic clashes seen in other games, like Gods vs Gigablox or Monsters vs Gigablox by Hot Rise Games, a fellow associate of Yggdrasil Gaming. However, in comparison to other hold ‘n win games, the maximum advertised multiplier of 6,108 times the bet may not be as monumental, though it remains respectable.

While there have been fluctuations within the 10K series, as a whole, it has been somewhat repetitive. Not always; there have been exceptions. Thor 10K Ways stands out in the memory banks, as does Bucks and Doe 10K Ways with its distinctive hunting-centric bonus round. Hercules 10K Ways, too, may not revolutionize the industry but does enough to elevate its chiseled, commanding presence above the rest of the 10K Ways pack.


Who developed Hercules 10K slot game?

The Hercules 10K game was created through a collaborative effort between ReelPlay and Yggdrasil Gaming, showcasing their combined expertise in the world of gaming.

What features does the game offer?

Experience a thrilling gaming adventure with the game’s mesmerizing cascading symbols, epic battles, and exhilarating bonus features such as the Hercules Battle Spins. Prepare for an unforgettable gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat playing!

What is the total number of paylines featured in the Hercules 10K game?

The Hercules 10K game features an astonishing 10,000 paylines, adding an element of grandeur and excitement to the gameplay.

What is the highest RTP in this slot?

The Hercules 10K Ways offers an impressive RTP value of 96.10%, setting the bar high for exceptional returns.

Can I play Hercules 10K Ways on my phone for fun?

Absolutely! This slot game is specifically designed to provide the best experience on both Apple and Android mobile devices together. Whether you want to play just for fun or for a chance to win real money, you can enjoy it seamlessly on your mobile phone or tablet.

Which casinos provide real money bonuses for the Hercules 10K Ways slot game?

Our team curates a comprehensive list of top online casinos featuring exceptional slot bonuses. Explore our meticulously crafted Yggdrasil online casinos offer selection and discover the most enticing real money offers tailored just for you.

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