Jason And The Golden Fleece

Jason And The Golden Fleece

Title: Jason And The Golden Fleece Developer: Games Global Reels: 5 Rows: 3 Paylines: 25 RTP: 96.53% Max Win: 220000 Volatility: N/A Min/Max Bet: N/A
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This Microgaming slot machine retells the epic Greek legend of Jason and the Golden Fleece on 5 reels and 25 paylines with great graphics. Along with spinning reels, there are bonus features that take players on Jason’s journey, offering opportunities to win big and experience the tale of honor and bravery firsthand. Join the Argonauts and set sail on this adventure!

  • 11 unique bonus features
  • Well executed theme
  • Above average RTP
  • Max win could be higher
  • High volatility

Jason And The Golden Fleece: Slot Review

This is a video slot named “Jason and the Golden Fleece” which has 25 paylines and is powered by Microgaming software. It is based on an ancient Greek myth and has a Golden Fleece scatter and a game Logo as a wild card. You can play this slot for free on this page or select any Microgaming casino from the list to play the game using real money.

To prepare for joining Jason’s quest for the fleece, players need to adjust their bet by using the arrows below the “Bet” label. The smallest coin size is 0.01 and the largest is 0.5. Starting the game is done by clicking “Spin”, while “Auto Play” does it multiple times without breaks. Triggering 3, 4, or 5 Game Logos awards 10 Free Spins with a x3 multiplier. It’s possible to re-trigger Free Spins.

To activate the Jason’s Journey Bonus, you need to get at least 3 scatters. Once activated, you will get to play 6 games. In the Iolcus Shield Bonus Game, players have the chance to win up to 15,000 coins by selecting 6 shields out of 12. Each shield holds a random bonus win amount.

In the Mysia Bonus Game, players are presented with 17 Harpies, behind which are hidden element symbols and one x2 multiplier. Players keep choosing blocks until they find four symbols that match. If they uncover the multiplier along with the matching symbols, their bonus amount gets doubled. The maximum number of coins that can be won in this game is 12,500.

In the game’s Symplegades Shipwreck Bonus, players have the opportunity to win 12,500 coins by selecting objects that will reveal random bonus amounts. They can choose to keep the winnings or select again, but only twice. Similarly, in the Crete Wheel Bonus, players can win a maximum of 20,000 coins by spinning the wheel for multipliers and up to 4 additional spins.

By playing the Sirenum Bonus, players have a chance to earn 37,000 coins. They’ll be presented with 5 cards and only one will be face-up. If they correctly guess whether the next card is higher or lower than the face-up card, their winnings will increase. Another option is to play the Colchius Bonus, which can award players with 19,000 coins. In this game, there are 20 bottles from which they can choose and reveal random bonus wins. If they find a Potion Complete symbol, their total winnings will be multiplied by 2.

Bonus games

In online games, bonus games can be used by players to increase their winnings. Jason and the Golden Fleece is no exception. To trigger a bonus game and have a chance at hitting the jackpot, you need to have three or more scatter symbols on the reels. This game has six bonus games in total, but you will need to understand all the details in order to play them. If you enjoy the game, you will likely appreciate the bonus games as well.

The Original Superhero

An epic adventure is great, but an epic adventure with treasure to find is even better. This slot machine is based on the story of Jason, a heroic character from Greek mythology who was tasked with finding the Golden Fleece to rightfully claim his throne in the city of Iolcos. Obtaining the Golden Fleece wasn’t a simple task for Jason and his team of Argonauts. They faced various challenges such as six-armed giants, harpies, sirens, ship-crushing cliffs, meddling gods and goddesses, and a sleepless dragon. It was a very difficult adventure indeed.

You can play a game by spinning the reels that feature various characters from the Jason and the Argonauts story. The characters include Jason, his lover Medea, and the centaur Chiron who taught and guided Jason in his childhood. Additionally, there are symbols representing the Argonauts and their famous ship, Argo. Spinners will be able to visit Jason’s legendary locations with symbols such as the dragon of Colchis, the sirens of Sirenum, the bronze man Talos of Crete, the treacherous cliffs of Symplegades, and the castle of Iolcus.

The slot machine has a visually impressive design. Instead of using fancy 3D graphics, it uses 2D cartoons, which create an awe-inspiring feeling reminiscent of the classic Jason and the Argonauts cartoons from childhood. Additionally, a dramatic score adds to the epic sense of adventure during gameplay.

Jason and the Golden Fleece Theme

The slot setting includes water, which is likely meant to relate to the main character, Jason, who is a sailor. The slot also draws inspiration from the well-known story of the Argonauts, but features more characters. These characters are represented on the reels and have their own bonus games, which will be discussed later.

In this slot game, Jason is the main character and you’ll see his Golden Fleece on the reels, paytable, and bonus games. There are various characters, both good and bad, such as Medea, Chiron, Argonauts, longships, Colchis, Sirenum, Symplegades, Mysia, Locus, and Crete.

The current generation of Microgaming slots is the best yet, thanks to features such as a compelling soundtrack playing in the background and unique sound bites accompanying nearly all of the icons.

Jason and the Golden Fleece Slot RTP

The game Jason and the Golden Fleece Slot has a 96% RTP, which is an approximate measure of the earnings a player can expect to receive when they play. This means that if a player bets 100 pounds, they can anticipate winning back at least 96 pounds.

Betting Options and More Functions

Bets can be placed starting at 0.01, which is equivalent to a penny, and go up to $125 per game. This range allows most gamblers to find a bet that suits their needs, excluding the very wealthy (such as footballers). Bets can be placed using either the spin button or the automatic spin mode.

A Heroes Payment

Although Jason and the Golden Fleece can be played for free, it also offers the chance to play for real money and potentially win heroic rewards through its 25-payline game. The value of each winning combination is calculated by multiplying the bets per line with their pay out values, except for scatter wins which are awarded without needing to follow paylines. Check out the “View Pays” menu for a detailed pay out schedule, which will automatically update based on the size of the bets.

You can play with smaller amounts by placing line bets as low as 0.01 and a maximum of 5 coins. However, please note that since there is no option to change the number of paylines in play, all line bets will be multiplied by 25. This will give you the total bet for each spin.

If you bet 5 coins per line, getting five Iolcos symbols in a row will earn you 250 coins. This is the lowest valued icon, so the payouts will increase with the other location symbols. Colchis pays out the most at 750 coins. Argo symbols will give you 3,000 coins, while Argonauts will reward 4,000. Five Chiron icons offer 5,000 coins. Medea and Jason have the highest payouts at 7,500 and 10,000 coins respectively.

The Adventure Has Just Begun

The of the quest is to locate the Golden Fleece. If three scattered cards, which show the fleece, appear, the players will be transported to various locations for bonus games. Iolcos has the “Shield Bonus,” and Symplegades has the “Shipwreck Bonus.” Players should progress through all the bonus rounds until they reach the Golden Fleece in Colchis.

The game includes free spins that can be activated by finding the game’s logo symbol, which serves as both a wild and a scatter symbol. When you discover three or more of these symbols, you will receive 10 free games with a x3 multiplier.


The game Jason and the Golden Fleece is not just a regular slot machine with spinning reels and pictures. It takes players on an exciting journey to achieve greatness and earn rewards. The game offers six mini bonus games and free spins that can lead to big wins. You should definitely try joining Jason and his team on their adventures.

FAQs – About Jason And The Golden Fleece

What is the RTP of this slot?

The game Jason and the Golden Fleece Slot has a 96% RTP, which is an approximate measure of the earnings a player can expect to receive when they play.

What kind of symbols does this slot have?

This slot machine has symbols such as Jason, his lover Medea, and the centaur Chiron who taught and guided Jason in his childhood. Additionally, there are symbols representing the Argonauts and their famous ship, Argo.

Does this slot have bonus games?

Yes! This game includes six mini bonus games and free spins that can lead to big wins. Try your luck on this great adventure today! Overall, if you’re looking for an exciting journey with rewarding rewards, then why not try joining Jason and his team of heroic Argonauts on their quest to find the Golden Fleece?

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