Lollicat – Slot Demo & Review

Lollicat – Slot Demo & Review

Title: Lollicat Developer: Octoplay Layout: 5-6 Paylines: Pay Anywhere RTP: 95.79% [ i ] Max Win: x10000.00 Volatility: Med Min/Max Bet: 0.1/100

  • Availability of free spins
  • Appealing game design
  • Bonus Buy
  • The RTP ratio is below medium

Lollicat: Review

Octoplay, a young and ambitious developer, presents its latest captivating release: the Lollicat slot. While it may bear resemblance to Sweet Bonanza at first glance, this game offers so much more. Packed with creative features and exciting extras, it delivers a truly unique gaming experience that is both refreshing and engaging.

The Lollicat slot theme needs no introduction as it is widely popular in the iGaming world. We have already witnessed several releases based on sweets. Octoplay, however, did not go all out with the setting. They have created a fantasy universe filled with jellies, gummy bears, lollipops, and various other candies. As the title suggests, the studio has added a feline twist, incorporating cats and their attributes as symbols on the reels.

Lollicat is based on the innovative “Pay Anywhere” mechanic. When at least 8 symbols of the same kind appear anywhere on the 5×6 reels, they form winning combinations regardless of their position. This is further enhanced by the “Cascading Wins” mechanic, allowing for multiple payouts on each spin. After a win, the symbols involved are removed and replaced with new ones tumbling down from above, filling the empty spaces. This exciting process continues until no new winning combinations can be formed.

The paytable for the Lollicat slot game features 9 regular symbols, each represented by candies of different shapes and colors. As mentioned previously, these symbols offer payouts starting from combinations of 8 or more. If you manage to match 15 of the same symbols, you can receive payouts ranging from 0.8 times to 25 times your initial bet.

The betting levels per spin range from a minimum of €0.1 to a maximum of €100, making it suitable for all budgets, whether you’re a conservative player or a high-roller. The game’s volatility falls within the medium range, and the RTP (Return to Player) is slightly below average at 95.79%. However, if you choose to buy the bonus feature, the RTP increases to 95.86%. Nonetheless, the hit rate remains favorable, resulting in frequent wins. The maximum payout you can achieve from a single spin is a respectable 10,000 times your stake.

Lollicat Slot RTP, Details & Wager Limits

The Return to Player (RTP) and volatility play crucial roles in slot games like Lollicat. They provide insights into the potential rewards and risks associated with playing the game.

The RTP represents the theoretical percentage of total bets that a slot will pay back to players over a long period of time. In the case of Lollicat, it boasts an impressive RTP of 95.79%. This means that, in theory, for every €100 wagered on this slot, players can expect to receive €95.79 back over an extended period of play.

By considering the RTP and volatility, players can make informed decisions about their gaming experience, balancing potential rewards with associated risks.

On the flip side, volatility pertains to the level of risk associated with playing a slot game. In the case of Lollicat, a medium volatility slot offers a harmonious blend of win frequency and prize size. Players can expect a moderate frequency of wins, with prizes ranging from small to large. This level of volatility is particularly appealing to a diverse range of players who are comfortable with a reasonable level of risk and are in search of a combination of smaller and larger payouts.

Theme And Graphics

The game showcases a delightful candy-inspired theme that is bound to captivate players who adore vibrant colors and delectable treats. The color palette predominantly comprises pastel pinks, blues, and yellows, creating a cheerful and inviting ambiance. The game’s sound effects further enhance the overall experience, featuring upbeat music and playful sounds that keep players fully engaged.

Impressively designed, the game grid is adorned with an assortment of delectable sweets. Among the lower paying symbols are purple, blue, green, orange, and yellow candies, offering payouts ranging from 0.10x to 2.5x bet per line. On the other hand, the higher paying symbols consist of sweets shaped like squares, triangles, hearts, and stars, granting payouts ranging from 0.60x to 25x bet per line.

Symbols can be enhanced with vibrant red and blue lights, amplifying their rewards with multipliers of 5x or 10x per line bet. Additionally, there are Mega symbols in the mix, occupying a 2×2 size and carrying multipliers ranging from 10x to 50x. When a winning combination occurs, the Mega symbol multiplier comes into play, multiplying the winnings accordingly. Keep an eye out for scatter symbols, as they can trigger free spins during gameplay. And don’t forget about the Lollicat wild symbols, which can create more winning combinations by substituting other paying symbols.

Lollicat Slot Features

Lollicat Wild Symbol

Wild symbols enhance the number of winning combinations by substituting for other symbols that pay.

Scatter Symbol

The Free Spins feature is activated when you land 3 or more Scatter symbols.

Mega Symbol

On the reels, you may encounter Mega symbols, which are twice the size of regular symbols. These special symbols come with multipliers ranging from x10 to x50. When a Mega symbol contributes to a winning combination, the resulting win is multiplied by the Mega symbol’s designated multiplier.

Red Blaze 

Symbols adorned with a fiery Red Blaze experience a whopping five-fold increase in their payout.

Blue Blaze 

Symbols adorned with a Blue Blaze experience a tenfold increase in payout.

Free Spins

By landing 3 Scatter symbols, you can activate 10 Free Spins. And for each additional Scatter, you’ll receive 2 extra spins. During these Free Spins, a special 3X3 Colossal Lollicat Wild symbol will appear on the reels, bringing along a fantastic 10x multiplier. Not only that, but all Mega symbols will also turn Wild. Whenever a Mega symbol lands, the Colossal Lollicat Wild symbol will gather its multiplier. This multiplier will then be applied to all your winnings throughout the Free Spins. Get ready for an exhilarating gaming experience!

The feature can be activated again by landing 3 or more Scatters.

Bonus Buy

Players have the option to acquire the Free Spins feature for a price equivalent to 150 times their bet.

How to play Lollicat

Playing Lollicat is a breeze! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Start by setting your stake size in the ‘Stake’ field.
  2. Hit the Spin button to kick off the game. If you prefer, you can also choose between 20 and 500 auto spins by clicking on the ‘Autoplay’ button.
  3. Your goal is to achieve a winning combination, which requires a cluster of 8 or more identical symbols anywhere on the grid.
  4. When you secure a win, your winnings will be automatically credited to your game account, allowing you to keep the fun going.

The Lollicat slot features a 5×6 payout grid and, as you may have guessed, offers cluster payouts. You can place bets ranging from €0.10 to €100 per spin. Enjoy the excitement!

Lollicat: Verdict

Octoplay is rapidly establishing itself as a premier provider, known for its high-quality graphical productions. Their phenomenal creations transport players into vibrant adventures with stunning visuals and lively animations. Octoplay solidifies its reputation with Lollicat, a game that captivates with constant motion, making even the occasional rough sessions (inevitable in slot play) more tolerable. While the choice of theme may not be groundbreaking, Octoplay truly excels in the areas we previously discussed.

Alright, with a nice setting confirmed, the focus now shifts to the gameplay. Octoplay seems to have made the multiplier the core mechanic, as evident in most of their previous releases. While some may see this as a potential concern, we are eager to witness providers bring innovation to the scene. Fortunately, Octoplay has managed to implement multipliers in a variety of ways, making their catalog more diverse than initially perceived.

Enter Lollicat by Octoplay – a delightful, vibrant adventure that holds immense potential.

Lollicat Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of the Lollicat slot?

The slot boasts an RTP of 95.79%, slightly below the standard average.

How volatile is the Lollicat slot?

The slot operates on a math model with a medium level of volatility, providing an optimal balance between risk and reward.

What is the maximum win of the Lollicat slot?

Players have the opportunity to win a maximum payout of 10,000 times their initial bet.

What features are there in the Lollicat slot?

This slot game features exciting mechanics like Pay Anywhere and Cascading Wins, along with Mega and Colossal symbols. Additionally, players can enjoy various multipliers, including an unlimited growing multiplier during free spins.

Is the Lollicat slot available on mobile devices?

It is compatible with a wide range of devices, such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones running on Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android operating systems.

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