Mega Joker

Mega Joker

Title: Mega Joker
Developer: NetEnt
Reels: 9
Paylines: 5
RTP: 99%
Max Win: Progressive Jackpot
Volatility: Medium
Min/Max Bet: 0.1/10

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Despite its classic design style, Mega Joker has impressive features that can be easy to overlook. Although it has been around for a while and doesn’t have as much gameplay as some modern slots, it still has user-oriented gameplay and can compete with more complex games. If you’re seeking a rewarding classic slots experience, Mega Joker might be the slot for you.

  • RTP of 99%
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • High volatility and a 2,000x total win
  • Classic fruit slot
  • No Free Spins
  • Slightly low win for such a high volatility slot

Mega Joker: Slot Review

At the beginning of Mega Joker, it’s easy to mistake it for a video of a real-life slot machine due to its design, sound effects and gameplay resembling a fruit machine. This can be unsettling, especially when viewed in full-screen mode.

After some time playing, you come to understand that this is a straightforward video slot machine that is fun to play. We believe that the graphics are one of the game’s highlights since they give you the opportunity to experience a classic slot machine while having access to the features you would anticipate from a well-respected developer like NetEnt.

Mega Joker is a popular slot game with a unique twist on the classic fruity theme, differentiating it from other similar games available.

Regarding the base game itself, we believe that it can keep players engaged even without bonuses, features, and free spins. However, some players may find it repetitive and boring, without many distractions. If you want something more thrilling, you can enter super meter mode.

The is easy for beginners and enjoyable for all levels of players. However, the buttons may be confusing as they appear to be touch-sensitive instead of clickable. Additionally, the screen may be overwhelming due to its clutter. Nonetheless, Mega Joker successfully modernizes the classic fruit machine game.

Although Mega Joker doesn’t have as many fancy audio-visuals and bonus features as rounds, it still provides a great gaming experience and opportunities to win big. With its tantalizing progressive jackpot and optional super meter mode, players can take their gameplay to the next level and enjoy even more excitement. You may miss the flashy bonus features, but Mega Joker offers its own unique rewards.

For those who frequently play slots, trying out Mega Joker can be an exciting change of pace. This classic game offers a seamless gaming experience and the opportunity to play together to potentially increase your betting funds. Despite the introduction of newer titles with more impressive audio and visuals, Mega Joker has maintained its popularity among players over time.

We like to try slots that offer a unique experience as many online slots have a similar design. Although some may not prefer the ‘busy’ layout of Mega Joker, we find it to be a nice retro feature and consider it deserving of its place among modern casino games.

Mega Joker Slot Graphics

NetEnt has designed an online slot game to have the exact appearance of a mechanical fruit machine with flashing lights and ringing bells. This gives players old-school gameplay experience along with the functionality of an online slot game.

A Little Cluttered

At first glance, the Mega Joker slot can be confusing due to the cluttered screen with two sets of reels and various fruits and jesters. Those who are familiar with more advanced online slots may need some time to adjust to the screen, which lacks fancy animations and audio-visuals.

How To Play The Mega Joker Slot

NetEnt’s Mega Joker free slots game list controls are briefly outlined below:

  • The game control buttons and the rolling progressive jackpot display are located at the bottom of the screen. Further information about the jackpot will be provided later.
  • The game has two play modes: basic and super meter. In the super meter mode, you can activate a bonus game to have access to bigger payouts and the option to bet more per spin.
  • The main gameplay occurs on the lower set of reels in basic mode.
  • You can adjust the coin size from 0.10 to 1.00 and place bets of 1 to 10 coins on up to five paylines in this mode. Look for the buttons at the bottom of the screen to adjust these values.
  • To start playing, press the ‘spin’ button after entering your preferred values. This will set the bottom reels in motion.

Super Meter Game

When playing Mega Joker slot, betting 10 coins on all active paylines and hitting a winning combination gives you two options: collect your winnings by hitting the ‘collect’ button or activate the ‘super meter’ mode by hitting the ‘spin’ button. Opting for the latter increases the risk but also the chance of a big payout. Additionally, the symbols and corresponding payouts for winning combinations in Mega Joker slot will be discussed.

Symbols In The Mega Joker Slot

If you frequently play classic slot machines, you will recognize the symbols used in the game. These symbols include various fruits, bells, lucky number 7s, and the cheerful jester. Here is a guide to what each symbol is worth in every mode of the game.

Different combinations of symbols correspond to different payouts.

Here are the winning combinations and their respective payouts:

– If you get three cherries, you can win between 10 and 20 coins.

– If you get three lemons, you can win between 10 and 20 coins.

– If you get three watermelons, you can win between 40 and 80 coins.

– If you get three bells, you can win between 100 and 200 coins.

– If you get three treasure chests or troves, you can win between 200 and 2,000 coins.

– If you get three jesters, you can win between 10 and 400 coins.

In super meter mode, you can win the following amounts with these symbol combinations:

– Three cherries: 100 to 200 coins

– Three oranges: 100 to 200 coins

– Three lemons: 200 to 400 coins

– Three grapes: 200 to 500 coins

– Three watermelons: 500 to 1,000 coins

– Three bells: 600 to 1,200 coins

– Three 7s: 800 to 2,000 coins

– Three or more jesters: 100 to 2,000 coins

When playing in super meter mode, the payout of each combination lower reels depends on how much you bet and where the jesters appear on the reels. For instance, if you bet 20 coins and spin three jesters in any position on the reels, you win 1,000 coins. Just remember this when playing.

To win up to 2,000 coins, bet 100 coins and spin three jesters. This slot game does not have wild or scatter symbols, nor does it have multipliers. You just need to spin and wait for matching symbols to appear. The pay tables are always shown on the screen so you can easily see what you can win with minimum bet and a successful spin.

In the following sections, we will examine some of the features that can be found in the Mega Joker slot after providing you with an idea of how to play the game.

What Is ‘Super Meter’ Mode?

If’re new to slots or have only played online or video slots, you might not know about the super meter mode. It’s a bonus feature used on traditional fruit machines that works like a bonus round in an online slot. But don’t worry, it’s easy to understand once you get the hang of it.

This mode allows you to bet 20, 40, 100, or 200 coins per spin. If you land a Mega Joker ‘mystery’ symbol during super meter mode, you can win prizes of up to 2,000 coins. You can either continue to accumulate your winnings in the super meter ‘fund’ or collect your winnings by pressing the ‘collect’ button and return to the basic mode.

The game offers the option to activate the super meter mode, giving you control over your gameplay. You can either stick to the basic mode and aim for smaller pay outs or the progressive jackpot, or choose super meter mode to risk more and potentially win bigger prizes.

While it doesn’t include as many bonus games two modes and free spin rounds as other online slots, the Mega Joker slot’s old-school traditional theme is highlighted by this bonus feature.

Free Spins On Mega Joker Slots

One drawback of slot features in the Mega Joker slot is the absence of bonus offers for free spins or other bonus games, except for the possibilities of winning more in super meter mode. The slot has a classic mechanical design and gameplay, similar to traditional slots.

What About The Progressive Jackpot On The Mega Joker Slot?

The progressive jackpot is a key feature of the Mega Joker slot game and is likely why it has remained popular among players. This type of jackpot increases in value until it is won by someone.

To win the jackpot, you need to just play mega joker on the bottom reels at the maximum coin value and get three jokers in a winning combination. The current level of the jackpot can be seen on the green display at the bottom of the screen while playing, as it is the sum of wagers from you and other players in the local area.

What’s The RTP Of Mega Joker?

If you’re not familiar with RTP, it stands for ‘return to player’ and is a percentage that represents the amount the game pays back to all players who play it. In most online casinos and slot games, an RTP in the 90s is considered to be good.

We were impressed to discover that the Mega Joker has a high RTP of 99%. However, this does not guarantee that you will receive £0.99 for every £1 you bet. It indicates the total payout made and total bet made to all players.

This means that Mega Joker has one of the highest RTP (return to player) rates among all slot games, which increases the potential for profit. However, as with any slot game, it is possible to win big wins numerous small payouts on lower-valued symbols rather than winning big prizes.


Net Entertainment has been known for developing and promoting some of the most creative and entertaining video slot games worldwide since 1996. Originally an extension of a Swedish offline casino operator, the company expanded to many offices around Europe, such as Sweden, Malta, Ukraine, and Gibraltar. As a top-quality digital online casino site, games and online gaming and systems provider, NetENT credits its customers for its prosperous business and status due to their reinforcement of ethical business practices and their commitment to pioneering digital gaming trends. All types of gamers are aware that Net Entertainment games offer a top-notch online casino gaming experience.

Mega Joker NetEnt FAQs

Can I Play Mega Joker Slots For Free?

You can try out the game for free with the demo version. This way, you can learn about all the features and functions before betting real money on the reels. We suggest you play demo games for practicing, especially if you are unfamiliar with mechanical fruit machines other games commonly found in arcades and land-based casinos, due to the game’s layout.

Is Mega Joker Fair?

The game developer NetEnt is known for its quality and holds licenses in multiple jurisdictions worldwide. They prioritize responsible gaming and use random number generators to ensure fairness. It’s important to choose online casinos regulated by reputable bodies, like the UK Gambling Commission.

Im New to Online Slot Games, Will Mega Joker Suit Me?

As mentioned earlier in this article, despite the initial unfamiliar layout of the screen, this online slot game has fewer paylines compared to others. While the super meter mode is available for potentially bigger payouts, it is not mandatory. For beginners in online slots, starting in the basic mode may be a good idea as bets are lower but there is still a chance to win.

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