Reel Rush

Reel Rush

Title: Reel Rush
Developer: NetEnt
Reels: 5
Paylines: 45-3,125
RTP: 96.96% (Default)
Max Win: 1,000x (Approx)
Volatility: Medium
Min/Max Bet: 0.50/100

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NetEnt, a game developer, used their old gaming consoles as inspiration for designing the candy-themed slot game called Reel Rush. The game has a nostalgic look and feel, but in a good way. Besides the exciting gameplay featuring fruits on a unique grid, players can also enjoy the impressive game design and a respin feature that adds to the fun. Since its launch in 2013, the game has entertained many people with its simple yet captivating formula.

  • Re-spins on every win in the base game
  • Free spins feature with 3,125 ways to win
  • Jam packed with bonus features
  • Medium variance and 3,840x potential
  • No bonus game

Reel Rush: Slot Review

Although the visuals may not seem impressive now, Reel Rush had a distinct feature when it was first introduced: a 1-3-4-3-1 row format on 5 reels. This unique setup was later used in games such as Yggdrasil’s Valley of the Gods. In Reel Rush, the scenery may be simple, but the chubby cartoonish plants contribute to its nostalgic appeal. Reel Rush is very enjoyable to play, partly because its audio effects are reminiscent of Mario or Alex the Kid. The game is already fast-paced, but the great soundtrack makes the chaos even more exciting when things get intense.

In 2018, Reel Rush was upgraded to HTML, allowing players to enjoy the game on any device, from smartphones to desktops. While a wide range of bets is available, starting at 50 p/c up to £/€100 per spin, they may not be friendly to low rollers. One of Reel Rush’s highlights is its math model, which provides a mix of spins in between longer respins and free spin sequences. The game has medium volatility, and the default RTP value is rather high at 96.96%. Make sure to check the documentation to determine the operator’s version that you’re going to play because they may reduce the RTP.

In order to score a win, you need at least three matching symbols that land on the first reel or beyond. Although there is only one symbol on the first reel at the beginning of each spin, NetEnt has optimized the game to increase your chances of winning. The symbols in this game consist mainly of hard candy objects. The first five symbols are oval-shaped sweets with low payouts. The premium symbols are also candies but designed to look like classic slot icons such as plums, grapes, watermelons, lemons, pineapples, and strawberries. If you land five of these high paying symbols on the first five reels together, you can win up to 1,000 coins. The golden wild symbol can appear on the middle three reels and can substitute for any other symbol to create a winning combination, but it does not have its own monetary value.

Reel Rush: Features

Reel Rush – free spins

Reel Rush has two features that smoothly transition from wins to respins and ultimately into free spins, triggered by sufficient occurrences. This concept is widely used nowadays, but was not as common when Reel Rush was first introduced.

Respins play an important role in the game as they activate after every win. After a win, 2 blocker tiles disappear, creating more space on the game board. This increases the chances of landing another winning combination as the ways to win also increase. The first, second, third, fourth, or fifth respin opens up 135, 405, 675, 1125, or 1875 ways to win. If there are wins during a respin, 2 more tiles disappear and another respin is awarded. This continues until no new wins occur, and the game goes back to the base game.

If you win on the fifth respin, you will receive a reward of 8 free spins. During the first re free spins, the game will be played on a full, clear 5×5 grid with 3,125 ways to win. This is where the game’s biggest payouts are most likely to occur.


Before playing the thrilling Reel Rush video slot, make sure to grab your sunglasses because of its bright and colorful graphics. The game offers re spins of various candy and fruit symbols, similar to the popular online game Candy Crush, where you can spin the reels to win big rewards.


The controls and features in Reel Rush are like those found in other NetEnt video slots. You can find the control options easily at the bottom of the main game screen, including the bet level and coin value. After you have selected the coin value and the bet amount and level, you can start the spin by clicking on the round middle button. This same button can also be used to stop the reels early if you want to.

The Autoplay feature enables the game to play automatically for a smoother experience. To place the maximum bet, choose the “max bet” option. Other game options, such as modifying the game’s sound settings and reviewing rules, can be accessed by clicking the wrench icon located at the bottom of the screen.


In Reel Rush, the Wild symbol can be found on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 both in the main game and Free Spin mode. It replaces other symbols to create more winning combinations. Players get eight more Free spins bonus in Spins after the 5th Re-Spin. In eight Free spins in Spins mode, there are 3,125 ways to win, and the jackpot is worth 480,000 coins.

The Reel Rush video slot has a unique reel format compared to other slots. The game screen starts with a geometric layout where the first reel has 1 symbol, the second has 3, the third has 5, the fourth has 3, and the fifth has 1. This provides players with up to 45 possible win lines. Additional symbol spaces are revealed during adjacent first reels re-spins and free spins, creating more opportunities for winning combinations.


The Reel Rush video slot offers many betting options, with 10 bet levels and 5 coin values ranging from 0.01 to 0.20. The minimum bet levels increase every 50 and the maximum bet level is 500 to suit different limits and bet sizes.


The online video slot Reel Rush has a unique format and features that set it apart from traditional online slots. It is innovative and cutting-edge, offering a fresh approach to online slot play that cannot be found elsewhere. Its design breaks through the boundaries of traditional online slots. NetEnt took a risk by designing Reel Rush with a creative concept that some players may not have the patience to understand. However, many online slot players appreciate its unique design and format. The game may be a step towards the future of online slots and opens up new possibilities in the industry. It is exciting to think about what online slots may look like 10 years from now.

How to play

If you are already familiar with NetEnt’s classic slot interface, you can skip this part of the review. However, if you are a beginner or unfamiliar with how to play one re the NetEnt slots, we will guide you through everything you need to know about playing Reel Rush slot in no time.

To access the game settings, click on the small wrench icon located in the bottom left-hand corner. Once there, you can enable the Quick Spin feature to increase the game’s pace. Additionally, you can turn off the intro screen and use the spacebar as the spin button. We personally prefer the quick spin option as it creates a more fast-paced experience.

To learn about the game’s bonus features and paytable, click on the green round button with a letter “i” on it, located in the lower left section. You can browse through the information using the green arrows on each side.

Once you have a good understanding of the game, select your bet level between 1 and 10. Next, set your coin value between 0.01 and 0.20 and check the total bet per spin located beneath the spin button. The betting range is 50p to £100. If you don’t want to spin manually, you can use the autoplay feature and choose between 10 and 1,000 autospins.

You can activate various advanced autoplay features as well. You can opt to stop the autospins when you trigger the bonus round, reach a specified win or loss limit, or even on any win. While these may seem like small details, they are worth taking into account. We hope you have good luck playing Reel Rush. Up next, we’ll suggest some places where you can play the game.

Where to play Reel Rush?

Although it’s an older game from NetEnt, Reel Rush has timeless SNES-style graphics that still make it a popular slot today. It’s stood the test of time and can be played for real money at many casinos. You can also try the free demo version before playing, and we’ll provide both options for you below.

Play for real money

If you’re experienced with online casinos, you can easily get started on playing the Reel Rush slot game. We scan all the casinos daily and provide you with the best options to play. To start winning real money, click on the link at the top of this review page and take advantage of the sweet welcome offer.

Play free demo version

If you’re new to casinos or NetEnt games, trying out the free demo version before playing can be smart. Even veteran players can benefit from demos to understand gameplay and determine if the slot is right for them. You can also figure out suitable bet levels and bankrolls. Luckily, we have the Reel Rush demo game available for free on this page. Just scroll up to find it and start playing.

The 200 Spins Reel Rush Experience

We have completed the first 200 spins on Reel Rush slot and the experience was exciting and unpredictable. It is easy to see why this game has become a classic and maintained its popularity over the years, as it captivates new players from the very first spin.

We selected a bet level of £1 for each spin and opted for 250 autospins using the autoplay feature since 200 was not available. Although we didn’t win anything during our first 10 spins, we continued playing and eventually triggered the bonus round after we selected games and getting a streak of wins. We began to worry that something might be wrong with the game, but our persistence paid off.

We earned 28.4 times expected return on our original bet, but this includes the payouts from 5 consecutive wins that cleared the blocked reels and activated 8 free spins. Later, we won 20.8 times our bet in the base game. We continued to win big because we frequently landed many wild symbols. Note that these wins were consistent.

During our 200 spins session, we triggered the free spins feature numerous times, making it clear that it’s easy to trigger and activate. Interestingly, we sometimes won more while triggering the re spin feature than in the actual feature itself, which is worth noting. Also, the Respins leading up to the bonus round are free and can be seen as part of the feature.

In our first 200 spins, we triggered at least 5 free spin features which resulted in winnings ranging from 26.5x to 77x. Our session ended with a profit of over £200, and we plan to play again. We wish you better luck than us, but this game is too enjoyable to pass up.

Reel Rush jackpot (max win)

Although Reel Rush does not offer a progressive wager or local jackpot, it is still a medium volatility and wager slot where you can win decent sums. By playing with the maximum bet of £125, you have the chance to win up to 3,840 times your stake, which equals £480,000.

Reel Rush mobile & tablet

You can play Reel Rush slot on mobile and tablet, just like all other NetEnt games. NetEnt Touch enables you to play it on any platform, such as on Android devices, Windows, iPhone, and iPad. This game is easy to carry around and enjoy on-the-go. No new details have been added, and no new facts have been made up.

Reel Rush: Slot Verdict

Although Reel Rush may seem outdated, it is still highly enjoyable and has a classic feel like many old video games and slot machines. NetEnt successfully created a captivating slot game that captures the excitement of basic yet thrilling SNES games. The constant respins maintain the fast-paced nature of the game and make it difficult to stop playing. Reel Rush’s retro graphics and effects enhance the nostalgic experience.

The respin feature that follows every win as reels return is extremely popular among players and has been featured in other slots such as NetEnt’s Fruit Shop and the Megaways sequel. Although the results may not always be significant, Reel Rush remains exciting as new players can progress to larger grid sizes and earn free spins. This has been the case since its release.

Although Reel Rush may not have as much potential as newer games, it is still possible to win and the game has a high RTP. Despite any faults, the enjoyable gameplay and nostalgic soundtrack make it a great game to play. The screenshots may appear basic, but the game is much more entertaining when actually playing it. The soundtrack is reminiscent of classic 2D games and adds to the fun experience.

Reel Rush Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of Reel Rush slot?

Before playing this game, it is important to note that it has a default Return to Player of 96.96%. However, as of April 16th, 2020, NetEnt has implemented RTP Ranges, which allows operators to select lower payout percentages if they prefer. To avoid any confusion or disappointment, it is recommended that you confirm the payout percentage of your chosen casino before playing. If you would like to learn more about Return to Player, please click here.

How volatile is this game?

Reel Rush is a slot game with medium volatility, which means it is not too difficult to keep playing without losing all your money. However, it’s important to be careful with your bet level and bankroll, as in any game.

How many winning ways are available in Reel Rush?

In the base game, you have 45 paylines to win. Every time you win, you get a free respin and two reel positions are unlocked. With each consecutive win, the number of paylines to win increases further, starting from 45 and going up to 135, then 405, 675, 1,125, and finally 1,875 on the last respin.

Is there a free spins mode in Reel Rush slot?

To activate the bonus reel rush online round, you need to win 5 times in a row. With each win, 2 more reel rush online positions will become unblocked. Once all the blocks are gone, you will get 8 free spins with up to 3,125 ways to win.

What is the biggest win possible here?

NetEnt’s Reel Rush is a medium variance slot where you have the chance to win a maximum of 3,840 times your stake, which is a considerable amount.

Can I play Reel Rush for free?

Sure, to access the free demo of re spin the game, simply scroll to the top of this page. You will also find a variety of reputable and licensed casinos offering welcome bonuses for playing the Reel Rush slot.

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