Rise of Gods Reckoning

Rise of Gods: Reckoning – Slot Demo & Review

Title: Rise of Gods: Reckoning
Developer: Play'n Go
Layout: 5-3
Paylines: 243
RTP: 94.2% RTP Ranges!
Max Win: x10000.00
Volatility: High
Min/Max Bet: 0.2/100


  • Stacked symbols increase the multiplier
  • Maximum win 5000x your bet
  • Free spins can be retriggered
  • Game doesn’t live up to the intro
  • Check the RTP as it is adjustable

Rise of Gods Reckoning: Review

Greek Mythology slots are quite common, but developer Play’n GO takes a unique approach in their game Rise of Gods Reckoning. Rather than transporting players back thousands of years to an ancient arcadia, they bring the action to a modern metropolis, where four deities roam the bustling streets. While not entirely original, it presents a captivating concept. Imagine casually encountering Aphrodite at a café or Hephaestus at the gym in your everyday life. This concept bears resemblance to the popular TV show American Gods, where ancient gods like Odin clash with new gods such as Media and Money, in a world where strong belief can materialize into reality.

In the alternate reality of Rise of Gods Reckoning, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades coexist with mortals on Earth, having imprisoned their father, Cronus. However, Cronus is far from pleased and seeks to unleash his fury upon the inhabitants of Earth. This captivating storyline resembles a blockbuster movie, while the polished visuals of Rise of Gods Reckoning give it the feel of a high-quality TV show centered around superheroes. Although it may not possess the same gritty tone as American Gods, it shares similarities with series like Arrow or The Vampire Diaries. The action is driven by the powerful reel character symbols, showcasing the three godly brothers in a cool and rebellious manner. To put it simply, Rise of Gods Reckoning offers a glossy and captivating experience that will resonate with many.

Despite its innovative take on the mythological theme, we return to familiar territory when it comes to facts and figures. This game has a moderate level of volatility, offering an RTP value of 96.2% by default, with the option to adjust it lower. The betting range spans from 20 p/c to $/€100 per spin, and Play’n GO’s user-friendly menu system ensures easy navigation and customization.

Moving to the forefront of the game, the action takes place on a 5-reel, 3-row game panel with 20 fixed paylines. To secure a win, players must land at least three matching symbols from the left-hand side. There are 8 regular pay symbols in total, starting with neon-colored, Hellenic-fonted 10-A card royals, which reward very big payouts of 1.25 to 1.6 times the stake for five of a kind. Above them are three premium god symbols – Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus – offering payouts of 3-5 times the bet for a line of five. Equally valuable is the wild symbol, which can appear on any reel and substitute for any normal pay symbol.

Rise of Gods: Reckoning Slot RTP, Details & Wager Limits

The Rise of Gods: Reckoning slot features a layout of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 fixed paylines. To form a winning combination, you’ll need 3 or more matching symbols across a payline, starting from the leftmost reel.

The betting range for this one slot machine is 20p to £100 per spin. You’ll find 5 options below the reels to adjust your bet accordingly. Non-UK players can also access Turbo Mode by clicking the Lightning Bolt icon in the bottom left-hand corner. Additionally, an Auto Play button is available for automatic spins (not applicable in the UK).

The Rise of Gods: Reckoning has an RTP of 96.2%, which is in line with the industry standard for Play ‘n GO slots and higher than the UK average of 96%. With medium volatility, it most popular slot is rated 6/10 in terms of variance.

When it comes to payouts, you have the chance to win up to 5,000 times your total stake on each spin. The most significant wins are likely to occur during the free spins feature, where the win multiplier can increase without limits. On average, the maximum payout is expected to happen once every 1 billion with additional free spins only.

Theme, Graphics & Soundtrack

Drawing inspiration from the gods of Greek mythology, the Rise of Gods: Reckoning slot game delves into the tale of young Zeus and his brothers, Hades and Poseidon. Concealed among mortals in an alternate reality, they stand as Earth’s last line of defense against their vengeful father, Kronos, who seeks retribution for his captivity.

As the game unfolds, they start playing a captivating opening animation introduces these iconic characters, paving the way for an immersive gaming experience. The reels come to life against the backdrop of a nocturnal cityscape, intermittently illuminated by flashes of lightning. Raindrops cascade down either side of the reels, while the river behind churns into powerful waves.

Zeus and Hades are portrayed in elegant attire, donning shirts, waistcoats, and ties, projecting an air of sophistication. Poseidon, on the other hand, drapes a majestic cloak over his shoulder, exuding an aura of mystery. As for Kronos, the wild symbol, he is immortalized as a stone head, held captive by chains.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Rise of Gods: Reckoning, where mythology and gaming collide in a thrilling adventure.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins 

The betting options in this game vary from a minimum of 0.20 coins per spin on 20 fixed paylines to a maximum of 100 coins per spin on fully stacked symbols. The most rewarding symbols are the wild symbol and Zeus, both of which offer a generous payout of 5 times your total bet on a single line.

Rise of Gods Reckoning: Slot Features

The trio of divine brothers is bestowed with a triumvirate of extraordinary attributes. Prepare to be mesmerized by stacked symbols accompanied by generous multipliers, exhilarating free spins, and the awe-inspiring Wrath of Gods bonus feature.

Stacked Symbols & Multipliers

The three prestigious deities – Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus – have the potential to appear fully in stacked symbol, on their respective reels. Whenever a complete stack of any of these premium symbols lands, the win multiplier increases by +1. In the base game, if all five reels showcase stacked symbols, the win multiplier reaches its peak at x6.

Wrath of Gods

This additional feature has the ability to trigger randomly on any spin. During this feature, two reels are selected at random to synchronize, resulting in the display of the same symbols on both reels. Moreover, the synced reels exclusively during free spins games show high paying symbols, enhancing the potential for big wins.

Free Spin

When 3 Cronus scatter symbols appear on reels 1, 3, and 5, players receive free spins. Upon activation, players are awarded 6 free spins and the current win multiplier carries over to the bonus round. During free spins, the win multiplier remains unchanged until the feature concludes. It can either maintain its multiplier resets current level or increase when stacked symbols land, allowing it to surpass the x6 base game limit. Additionally, it is possible to retrigger free spins by landing 3 scatter symbols on the reels.

The 200 Spins Rise of Gods: Reckoning Slot Experience

While playing the base game, we encountered numerous uneventful spins. However, at 1:26 into the 3-minute highlights video, you’ll witness the captivating Wrath of Gods feature before the bonus round is triggered. Feel free to explore it all by simply clicking the play button below.

How To Play Rise Of Gods: Reckoning

Follow the easy steps below to get started seamlessly:

  1. Once the game loads, simply tap on “continue” to proceed. Feel free to skip the introductory video.
  2. Before diving in, take a moment to explore the rules, features, and paytable. You can access this information by tapping on the information button at the bottom left of the screen and navigating through the pages using the arrow buttons.
  3. Adjust your bet by using the + and – buttons located on either side of the bet amount.
  4. If you prefer using autoplay, tap on the autoplay button. You can customize the settings to select the number of automatic spins and set your loss limits. While using autoplay, keep an eye on your balance and be ready to hit the stop button when needed.
  5. Now you’re all set to start! Remember to gamble responsibly.

Rise of Gods: Reckoning Mobile

Rise of Gods: Reckoning was developed using cutting-edge HTML5 technology, enabling seamless gameplay on various devices including mobiles, laptops, PCs, and tablets. While the 7×7 grid is well-suited for iPhones and Androids, for a truly immersive visual and audio experience on mobile devices, a larger screen is highly recommended.

Rise of Gods Reckoning: Verdict

Rise of Gods Reckoning is a game that may initially come across as cheesy, but once you embrace it, it can be quite enjoyable. There is no shortage of Greek myth-themed slots out there, and Play’n GO’s take on it is refreshing. The combination of classic and modern elements often leads to success, and there are countless possibilities for this fusion. It certainly sparked our imagination.

It would have been interesting if Rise of Gods Reckoning also explored the interaction between gods and humans, but it still works well as it is. Perhaps Play’n GO can delve deeper into that in a sequel. As of now, the gameplay is not bad either, provided that medium volatility is not a concern. However, the features in the best slots in this game are not as original, as many of them are directly taken from a 1980s themed slot called The Wild Class. In fact, both games share a similar look and feel, so if you’ve played that previous game, you can use it as a reference. In both slots, the main focus is on building win multipliers, which becomes even more thrilling in the bonus game since the multiplier does not reset between free spins.

If you’re struggling to choose between the two games, one factor to consider is that the symbol values in Rise of Gods Reckoning are comparatively lower than in The Wild Class. Consequently, any full screen wins, if they occur, may not be as impressive, although they could be more frequent. Additionally, Play’n GO has reduced the maximum potential win from The Wild Class’s 6,666 times the bet to a still respectable 5,000 times in this game.

Overall, Rise of Gods Reckoning presents an appealing Play’n GO slot with a mythology-themed experience that may captivate fans seeking something fresh to explore. Alternatively, it could entice those who are eager to take another shot at the thrilling combination of stacked symbols and a growing win multiplier.

Rise of Gods: Reckoning FAQs

What is the Rise of Gods: Reckoning RTP?

The Rise of Gods: Reckoning boasts an impressive RTP rate of 96.2%, surpassing the average offered by most other online casinos and slot games (which stands at around 96%). With a moderate volatility rating of 6/10, this game strikes a balance that keeps players engaged and excited.

What is the Rise of Gods: Reckoning max win?

During each spin, you can achieve a maximum active win multiplier of 5,000 times your total bet. The most substantial wins, however, await you in the free spins round, where the win multiplier has boundless potential to soar.

Are there any Rise of Gods: Reckoning free spins?

The Free Spins feature initiates with 6 free spins, and the possibility of winning more indefinitely. Any win multiplier from the base game carries over breaks free one, and importantly, it can only increase. This is where the potential for significant payouts lies.

How volatile is Rise of Gods: Reckoning?

This installment from Play’n Go is characterized by high volatility, earning a solid 6 out of 10 on Play’n Go’s own volatility scale.

What are the base game features in Rise of Gods: Reckoning?

Premium symbols that are fully stacked will increase the multiplier by +1 each, reaching a maximum of x6. Additionally, you may encounter 2 randomly synchronized land fully stacked premium symbols at any given time.

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