Royal Potato

Royal Potato

Title: Royal Potato
Developer: Print Studios
Reels: 5
Rows: 4
Paylines: 30
RTP: 96.50%
Max Win: 30,000x
Volatility: Medium/High
Min/Max Bet: 0.20/50

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Royal Potato is a fantasy slot game developed by Print Studios. It features 5×4 reels with 30 paylines and includes the SuperSpinners feature which awards random multiplier boosts to line wins. Additionally, the Royal Levy feature randomly triggers and awards SuperSpinner boosted prizes. The bonus round focuses on upgrading the Jumbo Wild potato symbol and the symbols it substitutes for. Players have the chance to win up to 30,000x their stake. A full review of the game is available below the free demo.

  • SuperSpinner multipliers
  • Royal Levy feature
  • FS w/ growing Jumbo wild)
  • Win up to 30,000x your stake
  • Too volatile for casual punters

Royal Potato: Slot Review

Thanks to Print Studios, we found ourselves Googling the history and interesting facts of potatoes, which we didn’t expect to do today. The origins of potatoes date back around 10,000 years to when they were first domesticated in parts of Peru and Bolivia in South America. Today, potatoes are the fourth largest food crop in the world and have even inspired their own online slot game.

The reason for studying the root vegetable in depth is due to Print Gaming’s latest game called Royal Potato. They have taken inspiration from their previous game Crystal Golem and added elements from Push Gaming’s ‘Fat’ series to create a unique free spins bonus round. Compared to Crystal Golem, Royal Potato has a more welcoming appearance. In Crystal Golem, players have a close-up view of the game from a potato’s perspective, but the potatoes are not ordinary. Print Studios has given the potatoes personalities and organized them into a hierarchy, with kings, queens, guards, nobles, etc. The strange and amusing nature of the game increases as players progress through the underground potato realm.

Royal Potato

Royal Potato’s game has a larger grid size than Crystal Golem. It has 5 reels and 4 rows with 14 SuperSpinner positions appearing between the reels. The game has impressive stats with a theoretical average payout of 96.27%, which rises to 97.14% when purchasing the free spins round. The potential to win big has significantly increased, but the volatility is medium/high, especially when buying the feature.

The game Royal Potato has 30 paylines and players can bet from 20 cents/pence up to €/£50 per spin. There are symbols that are custom designed for the game, including low-paying flowers worth up to 1.5 to 3 times the bet, mid-paying characters named Kennebec, Russet, Yukon, and Desiree worth up to 6-12.5 times the bet, and high-paying Kings and Queens that are worth 25-50 times the bet when five of a kind are hit. While there are no wilds in the base game, a Jumbo symbol wild becomes important during free spins.

Royal Potato: Slot Features

Royal Potato

Royal Potato game includes three features: SuperSpinners, a Royal Levy, and Free Spins. During the Free Spins, a Jumbo Wild Symbol appears and grows over time.


There are 14 SuperSpinner positions available in both the base and bonus game, but not all of them will be active on a spin. Each SuperSpinner has a different value. If a winning line passes through an active SuperSpinner, the prize value will be multiplied by the number on that SuperSpinner. If the winning line passes through multiple SuperSpinners, the multiplier values will be applied to the prize value one after the other.

Royal Levy

The game has a feature called the Royal Levy which can be triggered randomly when you land on a King or Queen symbol. During this feature, every King or Queen symbol will show a random prize that will be multiplied by the total sum of all the SuperSpinner values visible on the screen.

Free Spins

To activate the bonus round, you need to land 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols. The number of free spins you receive, 10, 12, or 14, depends on how many scatter symbols you landed. The bonus round begins with a sticky 2×1 Jumbo symbol in the center of the grid, accompanied by Pachelbel’s Canon. The Jumbo symbol is wild, but it only substitutes for the specific symbols highlighted in the panel next to the reels. At first, there are two symbols with the lowest value. If you win with these symbols, the Jumbo symbol gets bigger and replaces more symbols from the paytable as shown on the panel. When the Jumbo grows, you get more free spins. It can reach a size of 5×5, covering the whole game grid.

Buy Bonus

If Royal Potato offers it, players can use the bonus buy feature to purchase free spins for 93 times their total stake.

Royal Potato: Slot Verdict

Print Studios has demonstrated creativity by building an amusing and captivating kingdom around potatoes, turning a mundane object into a lively one. The potato personification adds charm and reduces the harshness of the game.

The reduced price, higher RTP, and larger potential make buying free spins more tempting in the new game than in Crystal Golem. However, be cautious because the bonus game is very volatile. During testing, the first trigger resulted in a significant win of 450-500x after around 20 spins, increasing the potato three times. But the following triggers returned less than 20x the bet. The fourth trigger gave no return, but the fifth trigger led to another 3 upsizes and a considerable payout. Be careful when deciding to buy free spins. After the wild potato appeared, the game’s results became unpredictable. If you enlarge the potato to 3×3, you can connect multiple wins on each spin. But if you make it 4×4 or bigger, you can have a huge win. However, if the potato is too big, it can block non-highlighted symbols, making it hard to win from them.

It is possible that there is a connection between Print Studios and Push Gaming’s ‘Fat’ series, since there are some former Push members on the Print Studios team. Is it reasonable to anticipate some overlap? Royal Potato has some differences compared to other games. Unlike Fat Rabbit, the Jumbo symbol is not always wild for everything, but it is more useful than the mystery symbol in Fat Drac. Like these games, Royal Potato is exciting when the Jumbo symbol increases in size. It is important to note that SuperSpinners are still active during free spins and there is a 30,000x win limit to control growth.

The game Royal Potato is challenging but also enjoyable to review due to its well-developed Fat Rabbit mechanic, the addition of multipliers, and reliable statistics. It provides a genuinely satisfying experience, much like indulging in French fries topped with salt and aioli.

Royal Potato Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of Royal Potato?

The game’s Return to Player rate of 96.31% is higher than average. If you’re in a jurisdiction where it’s available, purchasing the bonus round can increase the RTP up to 97.14%.

How volatile is Royal Potato?

Print Studios’ latest release has a medium to high level of volatility and the bonus round can be unpredictable.

What is the biggest win possible?

In Royal Potato, the highest possible winning amount is 30,000 times your stake. However, on average, the bonus round will yield a win of 90.34 times your stake.

How does the SuperSpinners™ feature work?

During each spin, certain positions on the reels are randomly chosen and given a random multiplier. These multipliers apply to any line wins that pass through those positions.

What about the Royal Levy feature?

The trigger occurs randomly when the symbols of the top-tier King and/or Queen are present. These symbols uncover a prize by chance, which is then multiplied by the total value of all active SuperSpinners.

Is there a free spins mode in Royal Potato?

To clarify, when you start playing, you will receive 14 free spins. Additionally, there is a Jumbo Wild in the form of a sticky potato that begins as a 2×1 size. This Wild symbol will replace any symbols highlighted on the left-hand side table. In order to upgrade more symbols and increase the size of the potato Wild up to 5×5, you will need to earn Jumbo Wild wins.

Can I play Royal Potato Slot for free?

You can find the free demo game for Royal Potato at the top of this page. However, if you’re a UK player, you must first verify your age. Besides, we have also listed the casinos that offer this game and we have confirmed their authenticity.

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