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Sugar Rush

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  • Reels (7-7)
  • Rows
  • Paylines Cluster pays
  • RTP 95.5% RTP Ranges!
  • Max Win x5000.00 [ i ]
  • Volatility High
  • Min/Max Bet 0.2/100
  • Pros
    • Tumble wins generate spot multipliers up to x128
    • Multipliers doubled for each win they’re part of
    • FS w/ non-resetting spot multipliers up to x128
    • Win up to 5,000x your stake (1 in 2.34M probability)
    • Beware of adjustable RTP ranges

    Sugar Rush: Slot Review

    Pragmatic Play seems to make a lot of sugary-themed online slots that can lead to dental problems, with Sweet Bonanza being one of their most popular games in this category. Sugar Rush is another candy-themed slot game that uses multipliers in a unique way.

    Both games have similar visuals due to their candy-themed slots. They both depict a world filled with edible objects resembling Willy Wonka’s magical candy-filled land. A Simpsons episode where Homer has a candy fantasy after meeting people from the land of chocolate accurately portrays Sugar Rush’s appearance, but it’s even pinker.

    Sugar Rush

    The game is quite unpredictable despite its colorful and whimsical appearance. It has an RTP value of 96.5%, which remains the same whether you play regularly with a 20 p/c to £/€100 bet per spin or if you purchase the free spins bonus round, which is available on any device.

    The game called “Sweety” is played on a grid that measures 7 squares by 7 squares. In order to win, you need to create a group of at least five identical symbols that are connected to each other either horizontally or vertically. This is called a winning cluster, and it triggers the tumble feature. When you match three gummy bears in a cluster of five symbols, it’s worth 0.2-0.3 times your bet. If you match four higher value candy symbols in a cluster of five symbols, it’s worth 0.4-1 times your bet. If you match 15 or more of the same symbols in a cluster, you can win up to 20-30 times your bet for gummy bears and 40-150 times your bet for the other candies. The game doesn’t have a wild symbol, but you can create multipliers to increase your winnings.

    Sugar Rush: Slot Features

    Sugar Rush

    Let’s begin by understanding Tumbles, which are an integral part of Sugar Rush. When a cluster wins, the tumble mechanism eliminates the matching symbols. Then, the vacant spaces are replenished with symbols that drop from above. The process continues to repeat as long as new clusters continue to form due to the tumbling effect.

    Multiplier Spots Feature

    The game highlights the position of a winning symbol when it is removed from the grid. If a winning symbol is removed from a highlighted position, a multiplier of x2 is placed there, which doubles in value every time a winning symbol is removed on top of it, up to x128. These multipliers apply to all wins that land on top of them, and if multiple multipliers are present, their values are added together. During paid spins, multipliers from the previous round are cleared from the board.

    Free Spins

    If you land 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 scatter symbols while playing the base game and the reels are tumbling, you will receive 10, 12, 15, 20, or 30 free spins. When you enter the free spins round, certain positions on the reels will be highlighted, and their corresponding multipliers will remain in place until the end of the bonus round. This means that you can maximize their value throughout the round. If you receive 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 scatter symbols during the free spins round, you will be awarded an additional 10, 12, 15, 20, or 30 free spins, respectively.

    Buy Free Spins

    In case you are too eager to wait for free spins, there is an option to purchase them for 100 times the initial bet. When buying free spins, the number of scatter symbols you can randomly land on can be 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.

    Sugar Rush

    Sugar Rush: Slot Verdict

    Sugar Rush is a game that combines the candy-themed visual style of Sweet Bonanza with gameplay elements from the Fruit Party series. It’s like a smoothie made by blending Sweet Bonanza and Fruit Party 2 together. The features in Sugar Rush and Fruit Party are different. The Fruit Party has more random features where wild multipliers may or may not appear in gaps left behind by winning clusters. The marked positions in Sugar Rush provide a more structured experience where you can predict what might happen. It reminds me of something Hacksaw Gaming might do with their marked multiplier frame feature.

    The message is now clearer. Multipliers can increase both in the base game and in free spins, but in free spins they are visible until the end of the feature. Getting a high number of multipliers in the Sugar Rush game is satisfying, similar to achieving a good flow in the puzzle game 2048. Like other Pragmatic Play games, the maximum win in Sugar Rush is 5,000 times the bet, which is the same as Fruit Party. However, there is something that might cause concern – Sugar Rush has a lower maximum frequency of winning at 1 in 2.34 million, compared to 1 in 495,050 for Fruit Party 2 and an even lower 1 in 95,891 for Fruit Party. Although these statistics may or may not be significant, they could be a determining factor for some players.

    If you happen to play Sugar Rush on a day when winning clusters land on high value multipliers, it can be really exciting. However, this is rare and getting hit with jelly beans is not enjoyable. Although there are better games with higher maximum win frequencies, Sugar Rush should still be satisfying for those who enjoy this type of game.

    Sugar Rush Slot FAQs

    What is the RTP of Sugar Rush?

    Sugar Rush has an above-average RTP of 96.5%. Additionally, the game offers customizable RTP ranges.

    How volatile is Sugar Rush?

    Pragmatic Play’s latest installment is highly volatile, with a 5 out of 5 score on the in-game volatility scale.

    What is the biggest win possible?

    In Sugar Rush, there is a chance to win up to 5,000 times your initial bet. However, the likelihood of winning the maximum amount is 1 in 2,340,000.

    How does the Multiplier Spots Feature work?

    When symbols are removed using the tumble win feature, they leave a highlighted space. If this space is part of a new win, the multiplier spot doubles, potentially increasing up to x128.

    Is there a free spins mode in Sugar Rush?

    At the beginning of the bonus round, you will receive up to 30 free spins. Additionally, in the bonus round, the multiplier spots and their values will remain constant and not reset.

    Can I play Sugar Rush Slot for free?