Tombstone RIP

Tombstone RIP

Title: Tombstone RIP
Developer: Nolimit City
Reels: 5
Rows: 2-3-3-3-1
Paylines: 108
RTP: 96.08% | 94.08%
Max Win: 300,000x
Volatility: High (Insane)
Min/Max Bet: 0.10/50

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Tombstone RIP is a slot game from NoLimit City with an insane volatility and morbid Wild West theme. The game is played on a grid that is 2-3-3-3-1 in size and has 108 default win ways. You can enjoy features such as xNudge Multiplier Wilds, symbol Split Wilds, xSplit Wilds, and Hang ‘Em Freespins where the multiplier increases with each wild that appears. Boothill Freespins offers wild transformation and cowboy multipliers up to x999, which can help you win up to 300,000x.

  • Cluster Pays and Rolling Reels
  • Wilds takes you up the Multiplier Trail
  • Zeus Lightning Wilds add extra wilds
  • Can also create multiplier wilds
  • Link&Win Bonus w/ 5 special symbols
  • Win up to 12,500x your stake
  • Beware of adjustable RTP ranges

Tombstone RIP: Slot Overview

In 2021, developer Nolimit City had a remarkable year with impressive gameplay, unique features, and high winning numbers. People are now curious about their next steps and whether they will be able to maintain their success or not. Will they be able to deliver again or will they fall short? Are Nolimit City’s creative abilities reducing or increasing? They have recently launched a massive game at the beginning of 2022, indicating that they are up for the challenge. The rumors that have been going around for a while about their game being exceptional have been verified after the launch of Tombstone RIP.

To begin the review, Tombstone RIP is an incredibly intense game that offers a unique experience. It takes place in a Western town with black-and-white visuals. The characters may appear to be enjoying themselves at the saloon, but they could end up being executed the next moment. This is not an exaggeration; you can witness it yourself by triggering free spins. Nolimit City has expertise in the Western genre, but their version of the West is not as free-spirited as Deadwood or as cartoonish as the first Tombstone slot. The game Tombstone RIP is known to be brutal, so players who enjoy such an experience can try it out and immerse themselves in the beautifully designed world.

Tombstone RIP

To play Sauntering, first choose a bet between 10 p/c and £/€50 per spin. Although this is lower than what Nolimit City usually offers, it makes sense given that the game has a potential payout of up to 300,000 times your bet. Players can also use the Enhanced Bet feature, which increases the stake by 10% and guarantees a scatter symbol on the second reel. The RTP (Return to Player) of this game varies depending on the setting, with the default being 96.08% and increasing to 96.28% when Enhanced Bet is active. It’s important to note that the RTP can be set even lower, but this information can be found in the help files. Additionally, the game’s volatility is rated as 10 out of 10, and is labeled as ‘Insane’ by its maker.

If you prefer a game with frequent small wins, Tombstone RIP might not be the best choice for you. The hit frequency for this game is 8.7%, as a result of the xRIP feature explained below. The game uses a reel setup of five reels arranged in a 2-3-3-3-1 format, with 108 ways to win. The last reel has only premium symbols and counts them as two each.

There are a total of 10 symbols that make up the normal pays in the game. Out of these, five are low pay card royals which include 10, J, Q, K, and A. The other five are character tiles. If you get five of a kind, low pays will be worth 0.5-0.9x your bet, while premiums will be worth 1-4x your bet. So, let’s move on to the features and take some notes.

Tombstone RIP: Slot Features

The features of Tombstone RIP are somewhat complex, but not as much as those in Nolimit City’s Mental. You can find various features like xNudge Wilds, Wild & Splitting Wilds, xRIP, Scatters, Hang’ Em High Free Spins, and Boothill Freespins in this section. It is possible to trigger the 300,000x win cap from the base game, but the probability is rather low at 1 in 130 million. However, the chances of triggering the bonuses increase significantly.

xNudge Wilds

These are special symbols called “xNudge Wilds” that move up or down on the reel so that they are fully visible. Every time they move, their multiplier value increases by 1. These symbols only appear on the three reels in the middle, and if there’s more than one, their multiplier values are added together.

Wilds & Splitting Wilds

Wild symbols can appear on reels 2-5, but Splitting Wilds are exclusive to the middle three reels. Upon landing, Splitting Wilds split themselves and all symbols on their reel into halves, effectively doubling them. xSplit Wilds, on the other hand, can only be found on the fifth reel and count as two symbols. When it appears, it slices symbols in specific rows to the left of it in four directions. In case a symbol has already been cut, the process is repeated. If an xNudge is cut, its multiplier is doubled.


This feature may not be desirable for those who believe life should be fair. Whenever a winning combination is achieved in either the base or bonus game that is valued less than the base bet, xRIP is activated and no payment is given.

Tombstone RIP


The game has two types of scatters – Hang ’em High and Boothill. Hang ’em High scatters can be found on the middle three reels, while Boothill scatters only appear on the last reel. If you land 3 Hang ’em High scatters, you’ll activate 8 Hang ’em High Freespins. If you land 2 Hang ’em High scatters, they’ll turn into Reel Split Wilds. If you land 3 Hang ’em High scatters and a Boothill scatter at the same time, you’ll get 10 Boothill Freespins. However, if you only land a Boothill scatter without triggering the bonus round, it’ll convert into a Cowboy symbol, which is considered wild on all reels and has a random symbol multiplier from x5 to x999.

Hang ’em High Freespins

During the bonus round, you have a 1 in 194 chance of triggering it (1/96 with an enhanced bet). When certain Wilds like Reel Split Wilds and xNudge Wilds appear, your win multiplier will increase. The multiplier does not reset and stays active throughout the feature. If a Boothill scatter appears during the feature, you’ll receive +2 free spins and upgrade to Boothill Freespins. The win cap for this bonus round is 1 in 1.36 million.

Boothill Freespins

Triggering the Super freespins naturally will be challenging because the hit frequency is 1 in 85,000 spins (1 in 63,000 spins with enhanced bet). The rules for win multipliers in Hang ’em High Freespins are also applied in this game. Moreover, in every spin, the Cowboy symbol on the last reel makes all versions of the same symbol type on the reels wild. At the beginning of each spin, a Cowboy symbol is chosen randomly and given a random multiplier ranging between x5 and x999. The chosen Cowboy symbol gets the multiplier, which is added to the overall multiplier to evaluate the win. The chance of hitting the 300,000x win cap from here is 1 in 16,000.

Nolimit Bonus

Players can purchase free spins bonus rounds if they find the base game to be overwhelming. The Hang ’em High Free spins is available for 70x the bet with an RTP of 96.47%. In contrast, the Boothill Free spins cost 3,000x the bet but have a higher RTP of 97.03%.

Tombstone RIP

Tombstone RIP: Slot Verdict

Tombstone RIP is a remarkable game that is difficult to describe. It is similar to a scene in the movie “The Vidiot From UHF” where a blind man solves a Rubik’s Cube and constantly asks his neighbor if it’s solved after every twist. Playing Tombstone RIP is like this when the game is not in your favor. It should be noted that Nolimit City warned that Tombstone RIP would be a difficult game and even referred to it as “unplayable.” The game begins with a challenging question that players must answer correctly before they can start playing. With these expectations in mind, we eagerly anticipated playing Tombstone RIP.

The following events were satisfying. In the beginning, the game was tough and we only occasionally received rewards, which was due to the xRIP feature. It’s remarkable that Nolimit City created such a feature. The game has a bleak appearance and is challenging to play. However, there is an exciting experience that non-jackpot slots cannot replicate.

Despite activating bonus games, there is no certainty of a positive outcome. We experienced this first-hand when we bought the Hang ’em High bonus and ended up with zero dollars. The game even has a “Nothing” win screen for these situations. Subsequent bonus rounds were unpredictable. The free spins in Hang’ Em High were not very exciting compared to Boothill Free spins, although they were cheaper. Boothill Free spins have the potential to be more intense because of the way they select the Cowboy symbol while the reels are spinning, the chosen multiplier, and the filling of the fifth reel before the other reels start hitting. This builds anticipation because of the bonfires, bullets, x-features, tense soundtrack, and the high potential in Tombstone RIP.

Although I’m not entirely sure what it means, it seems that Tombstone RIP makes quite an impact compared to the opening of San Quentin xWays in 2021. The game has a hanging sequence as part of its win count up and includes a feature called El Gordo’s Revenge, which activates when the win cap of 300,000x the bet is reached. It’s like the game is dispatching a barrel of rats with a bag of grenades, fitting with its overall ethos.

In summary, Tombstone RIP should not be classified as a game if we use the definition of games as something that is enjoyable. Even on a good day, playing this game is unlikely to be enjoyable in the traditional sense. However, this game is not intended to be a source of lighthearted entertainment. Tombstone RIP is a difficult slot game that can be considered a jackpot slot. Nolimit City has always been clear that it won’t suit everyone’s taste. If you enjoy challenging experiences, then Tombstone RIP could be for you. However, some people may prefer less intense sensations, like a saloon-room brawl. The game’s bleak theme and harsh odds may appeal to its target audience, making it a candidate for slot of the year.

Tombstone RIP Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of Tombstone RIP?

The average RTP is 96.08%, but it can be lowered to 94.08% by operators. Turning on the Enhanced Bet feature increases the top-tier RTP to 96.28%.

How volatile is Tombstone RIP?

How volatile is Tombstone RIP?
This release features an online slot with ‘Insane volatility’ invented by NoLimit City, making it the toughest one available now.

What is the biggest win possible?

The maximum amount you can win is 300,000 times your bet. Your chances of winning during normal gameplay are 1 in 130 million (1 in 81 million with enhanced bet). However, during the regular bonus round your odds increase to 1 in 1.36 million and during the super bonus round your odds increase to 1 in 16,000.

How does the Splitting Wilds and xSplit Wilds work?

Splitting Wilds will only land on the 3 middle reels and they have the ability to split themselves and all symbols on the same reel into two. On the other hand, xSplit Wilds will only appear on reel 5 and count as 2 symbols. It also splits some symbols to the left differently and can double xNudge Wild multipliers accordingly.

Is there a free spins mode in Tombstone RIP?

Is there a free spins mode in Tombstone RIP?
You receive free spins for the Hang ’em High game, where the multiplier goes up every time a wild symbol appears. The Boothill game also gives free spins and transforms the character symbol on reel 5 into a wild. There is also a chance of getting a character multiplier symbol that can go up to x999.

Can I play Tombstone RIP Slot for free?

You can find the free demo game for Tombstone RIP at the top of this page. Please note that UK players need to verify their age before accessing the game.

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