Tower Tumble

Tower Tumble – Slot Demo & Review

Title: Tower Tumble
Developer: Relax Gaming
Layout: 6-6
Paylines: Cluster pays
RTP: 96.11% RTP Ranges!
Max Win: x5150.00 [ i ]
Volatility: Adjusted
Min/Max Bet: 0.1/100


Tower Tumble (Relax Gaming): Slot Review

Tower Tumble can be considered a sequel to Temple Tumble or enjoyed on its own as a standalone game – a point that invites discussion. However, what is certain is that this title stands out as truly exceptional. Departing from the Megaways game engine featured in Temple Tumble, the developers have introduced a Tumble Reels system that offers a more subdued yet captivating experience. Alongside this fresh gameplay approach, Tower Tumble takes players on an enchanting journey through a whimsical realm filled with enchanted princesses, towering structures, and shimmering crystals. Brace yourself for an immersive slot set in a fantasy world, brimming with enchantment.

Tower Tumble boasts an impressive array of features and promising payout potential, making it essential to explore the game in its entirety before forming a judgment. Visually, the game impresses with its charming cartoonish graphics that bring the fantasy countryside to life. The vibrant and modern aesthetic sets the stage for thrilling action on a 6×6 grid. At the beginning of each tumble, only a selection of symbols is revealed, positioned in a 2-4-4-2 formation at the center of the grid. Surrounding them are stone blockers and locked book symbols, which we will delve into shortly.

Each symbol in Tower Tumble is unique to the game. The lineup starts with four colored potions at the lower end, while the princess and the hero dominate the top, with the hero offering wins of up to 30 times the stake. The game also features wilds that can substitute for any regular pay symbol, delivering exciting payouts of up to 100 times the stake when landing six of a kind. Although they vary slightly in background color, all three wilds serve the same purpose.

To form winning combinations, players must land 3 to 6 symbols horizontally or vertically. Tower Tumble is playable on all devices, offering flexible wagering options ranging from 10 cents/pence up to $/€100 per spin. With an acceptable RTP of 96.11% and medium to high volatility, the game provides a solid and captivating gaming experience. As with most slots utilizing the tumble-style win systems, the biggest payouts typically occur when multiple combinations cascade within a single spin. To enhance winning potential, Tower Tumble incorporates a range of features that work harmoniously to create cascading wins that snowball.

Tower Tumble (Relax Gaming): Features

The grid system, enhanced by the Tumble Reels feature, serves as the fundamental framework for a plethora of thrilling additions in this game. Let’s delve into its mechanics, shall we? Instead of the traditional spinning reels, symbols elegantly cascade down to fill the game grid. Alongside these symbols, we encounter the intriguing blocker tiles and 1-5 specially marked Elemental tiles.

When a winning combination is formed, a series of captivating events unfold. Firstly, the winning symbols vanish, swiftly replaced by fresh ones that seamlessly tumble into the empty spaces, potentially triggering consecutive wins. Secondly, adjacent blocker tiles to the vanishing symbols are obliterated, revealing additional standard pay symbols, wilds, or even unlocking an Elemental tile. Once the cascades conclude and the wins are rewarded, the unlocked Elemental tile springs into action. Let’s explore what each Elemental tile offers:

Earth: Represented by the green book, it removes 4-6 blocker tiles from the grid.

Air: Embodied by the purple book, it creates a diagonal line of wilds starting from its position.

Fire: Symbolized by the red book, it transforms a cluster of symbols into a single common symbol.

Water: Encased in the blue book, it sprinkles 2-5 wilds onto exposed spaces, excluding other wilds.

If fortune favors the players, and they manage to clear all blocked tiles in a single spin, they will be handsomely rewarded with Free Spins. The objective of the game is to ascend the tower as high as possible. It commences with players selecting one of three modes that influence the volatility of the bonus game, as seen in the previous Temple Tumble slots:

Extra Spins: Offering low volatility, this mode grants 10 free spins without any multipliers.

Added Multipliers and Extra Spins: Embracing medium to high volatility, this mode awards 8 free spins with a multiplier that increases by 1 for every new level.

Added Multipliers: Catering to high volatility, this mode provides 5 free spins with a multiplier that increases by 1 for each new level.

The bonus game starts at the base of the tower, where players are greeted with a 4×4 grid of revealed symbols, surrounded by wooden blocker tiles. After each triumph, the blockers are removed, and they do not reappear on subsequent spins like in the base game. If all blockers are successfully eliminated, players ascend to the next level of the tower, and their free spins are reset. Theoretically, players can conquer an unlimited number of multipliers and levels. In practice, the journey eventually concludes, but what an exhilarating ride it is.


Tower Tumble, developed by Relax Gaming, immerses players in a whimsical kingdom with a captivating medieval theme. Embark on an adventure alongside a valiant knight and a mystical elf, although the exact purpose of their quest remains somewhat enigmatic. Fear not, for there are enchanting potions of various hues and intriguing spellbooks, hinting at a magical mission.

The game unfolds against a backdrop of floating fields, majestic trees, towering mountains, and billowy clouds, all within a 6×6 grid. Explore the realm and discover four potion bottles representing the elements of air, fire, water, and earth. Additionally, encounter a mysterious green elf and the esteemed ruler of the kingdom with his impressive beard. Landing three, four, five, or six of the ruler symbols in a line can reward you with 1, 4, 10, or even 30 times your stake. And let’s not forget the wild symbol, which has the potential to grant winnings of up to 100 times your stake.

How To Play

Tower Tumble features an impressive setup of 6 reels and 6 rows, with stone blocks as the bordering symbols. When you achieve a winning combination among the middle symbols, they crack the adjacent stone symbols, creating space for additional symbols to cascade into the game. This mechanic adds excitement and potential for big wins, making Tower Tumble a thrilling and rewarding slot game experience.


Tower Tumble, while providing a welcome break from darker and more serious slots, may not offer the same level of excitement as other games in the market. The highlight is the free spins feature with its ‘unlimited’ multiplier, but it may not always live up to expectations, as there can be many low-value spins before triggering the Tower Climb feature. Comparatively, Tower Tumble falls short of its predecessor, Temple Tumble, with fewer pay ways and a significantly lower maximum potential of 5,150 times the stake. However, the unique mechanic of triggering free spins by clearing blocked tiles is becoming more prevalent in the industry. Similar features can be found in games like NetEnt’s Reel Rush 2 and Red Tiger Gaming’s Thor’s Lightning. While Tower Tumble does offer a respectable top payout, there are other games with more original visuals and gameplay. For a different experience, we recommend trying Snake Arena from the same provider.

Tower Tumble Slot FAQs

Can I play Tower Tumble free slot?

Absolutely! You can play the demo version of Tower Tumble without any sign-up required at Additionally, any reputable casino partnering with Relax Gaming would also provide free access to the demo mode.

Can I win real money on Tower Tumble slot?

Definitely! To play for real money and have a chance at winning real winnings, you’ll need to register an account with a casino. This is the only option to experience the thrill of Tower Tumble with real cash involved.

What is the best place to play Tower Tumble?

When it comes to the demo mode, you can rely on any trusted gambling operator or casino-related site like However, once you decide to invest real money, it’s crucial to select a legitimate operator with a good reputation and excellent services. The best casino choice may vary depending on your personal preferences.

Can I play Tower Tumble slot on a mobile phone?

Absolutely! Tower Tumble is fully mobile-friendly and can be enjoyed on any device. This means you can play the game conveniently wherever you are.

How to win playing Tower Tumble?

Tower Tumble is a certified title that generates random outcomes, so it all comes down to good fortune. To understand the potential wins and how to maximize your chances, make sure to check the paytable for valuable information.

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