War of Gods

War of Gods – Slot Demo & Review

Title: War of Gods
Developer: Red Tiger
Layout: 5-4 [ i ]
Paylines: 45 [ i ]
RTP: 94.73% RTP Ranges!
Max Win: x2518.00
Volatility: High
Min/Max Bet: 0.1/20


  • Expanding reels and enhanced payouts
  • 3 respin bonuses
  • Top prize low for high variance slot
  • Could do with more lives in respins

War of Gods: Review

Some game studios infuse their games with the power of Zeus, while others aim to harness the influence of Hades. However, few are as bold as Red Tiger in their game War of Gods, which brings both deities together for an epic clash. Although games like ***2 Gods Zeus vs Thor*** and ***Artemis vs Medusa*** have attempted this as well. With captivating imagery and three exciting bonus games, players can experience symbol upgrades, expanded reels, and rows.

Now, let’s delve into a fascinating tale from the world of Ancient Greece. According to legend, after overthrowing the titans, the brothers Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon drew lots to determine their domains. Poseidon claimed the sea, Zeus claimed the heavens, and unfortunately for Hades, he was assigned the underworld. Perhaps this is what fueled his desire for conflict? While the motives behind Red Tiger’s game remain speculative, it could simply be a brotherly rivalry. However, it’s worth noting that Hades did abduct Zeus’ daughter Persephone to be his consort, which may have contributed to their ongoing feud. Regardless, the clash between Zeus and Hades is an awe-inspiring theme that offers a wealth of captivating concepts to explore.

To Red Tiger’s credit, they have done an exceptional job of bringing the intense sibling rivalry to the small screen. The epic battle of the gods unfolds on a 5-reel grid, which expands during certain features, deep within the fiery underworld amidst fallen columns. Sisyphus toils with a boulder on his back, while lightning from the heavens signals Zeus’ imminent arrival. The soundtrack perfectly complements the grandeur, leaving a lasting impression.

By default, War of Gods offers a 5×4 grid, providing players with 30 paylines to form winning combinations of three or even more rewards by matching symbols. The game boasts a variety of symbols, including special ones used during features, as well as regular pays. Among the regular pays, we have clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades as the low-value symbols, followed by parchment, horn cups, shields, and helms as the high-value ones. On the default grid size, the highest wins are achieved by landing five of a kind, rewarding players with impressive payouts ranging from 4 to 10 times their stake. Despite the abundance of symbols on the paytable, it’s worth noting that War of Gods does not feature a wild symbol.

War of Gods Slot RTP, Details & Wager Limits

The War of Gods slot features a base game action played on a 5-reel, 4-row, 30-payline machine. However, the bonus features can alter the play war this setup, which we’ll explore in more detail shortly. To secure a win, aim to land 3 or more matching symbols on a payline running from left to right, starting from reel 1.

The stake levels in this game range from 10p to £20 per spin. You can adjust them using the + and – buttons. Additionally, the Auto option allows you to run 20, 50, or 100 autospins. You’ll also find win, loss, and stop on feature limits that you can set here.

With an RTP (Return to Player) of 95.66%, the War of Gods slot leans towards the lower side. It offers a medium to high variance, no rewards and the maximum win from a single spin stands at 2,518 times your total stake.

Theme and Graphics

The grandeur of the battle perfectly complements the breathtaking artwork and dramatic backdrop. With lightning illuminating the reels, statues towering in the distance, and Mount Olympus, the ancient abode of gods, casting its majestic silhouette, the stage is set for an epic encounter. Adding to the immersive experience are shattered columns, flowing lava, and a cinematic soundtrack, all contributing to the awe-inspiring ambiance of this Ancient Greek Gods-themed slot machine.

Prepare to be captivated by the gold-framed reels, each meticulously crafted with intricate details. From helmets and shields to a horn adorned with a golden skull, the symbols on the reels of slot machines are visually striking. Zeus and Hades, depicted in their furious forms, command attention as they grace the reels of the War of Gods slot machine.

Developed by Red Tiger Gaming, this online slot game is part of a vast collection of PC and mobile-optimized slots available at casinos worldwide.

Embark on your journey through the War of Gods slot with a wager of bets ranging from 0.10 to 20.00 per spin. This five-reel, four-row game offers an exciting twist, as the number of reels and rows can expand during one of the exhilarating bonus rounds.

War of Gods: Slot Features

Not only is it a wild-free zone, but it also offers three exciting bonus games. Get ready to join us for a thrilling experience with Wrath of Zeus, Hades Hellfire, and Warring Gods. Leave the light-hearted laughs behind and embrace the higher winning opportunities that await you.

By landing two 1×2 sized Zeus symbols on the first and last reels, you’ll trigger the incredible Wrath of Zeus feature. During this game, you’ll only come across high-paying Zeus symbols. Watch as these 1×1 symbols become sticky, potentially transforming into impressive 1×4 Super Symbols. And that’s not all – keep an eye out for the special top symbol upgrade symbol that can increase the value of Zeus symbols up to three times. Imagine the excitement when you line up five of the highest paying Zeus symbols, worth a whopping 20x the bet. The Wrath of Zeus feature will keep going as long as new symbols appear on the reels. Prepare to be captivated!

When two Hades symbols appear, they activate the captivating Hades Hellfire feature where only the most rewarding Hades symbols come into view. Similar to before, Hades symbols remain fixed in place upon landing and can transform into larger 1×4 paying tiles. In this game, an extraordinary expand symbol has the potential to increase the grid size to an impressive 7×6, resulting in a total of 60 paylines. As each new row expands, Hades Super symbols can grow up to 1×6 in size, offering an incredible 50x the bet for seven of a kind. The Hades Hellfire feature concludes when no new symbols land on the reels.

The third bonus game, Warring Gods, is triggered when both Zeus and Hades appear in the base game. This thrilling feature incorporates the use of special Zeus/Hades symbols, which once again lock in place and may expand upon landing. The rules remain largely unchanged, with the addition of upgrade and expand symbols. Achieving a full line of seven Hades/Zeus symbols will reward a remarkable 100x the bet.

Bonus Features

In the game War of Gods, you won’t find any wilds or free spins bonuses. Instead, the focus is on three respin bonuses specifically crafted to maximize your chances play war of gods winning.

Wrath of Zeus

This feature is activated when a Zeus symbol appears on both the first and fifth reel. In this bonus round, only Zeus symbols will land on the reels and remain locked in position flanking reels for the duration of the bonus. Moreover, there is a possibility for these symbols to transform into enlarged Super Symbols, occupying a 1×4 space on the reels and offering higher payouts.

Hades Hellfire

Activated by landing a Hades symbol on the first and last reels, this feature presents two stacked Hades symbols throughout the bonus round. In this phase, only Hades symbols emerge on the reels and they possess the ability to expand just like the Zeus symbols. Additionally, there are symbols that can trigger the expansion of the reels to a towering height of up to 7 symbols.

Warring Gods

This feature is activated when the gods land on the first and last reels simultaneously. In this bonus round, both the symbols of Zeus and Hades will lock in position, offering the potential for expansion. It’s noteworthy that both upgraded payouts and expanded reels can be triggered during this exciting feature.

The 200 Spins War of Gods slot Experience

Unfortunately, nothing particularly noteworthy occurred during our playthrough of the base game. However, after some time, we were able to trigger the captivating Warring Gods feature. If you’re only interested in witnessing the feature in action, feel free to skip ahead to 0:45 in the highlights video below. The feature itself lasted quite a while, granting us numerous upgrades and expanding symbols on the reels. Notably, our total win was quite substantial as well. To see it all unfold, simply click the play button.

How To Play

The gameplay in War of Gods is straightforward:

  1. After the game loads, click on the menu in the upper right-hand corner to access the paytable and explore the bonus features.
  2. Determine your desired bet amount. You can choose to wager between .20 coins and 20 coins.
  3. Explore the autoplay options. Within this menu, you can also set limits for wins and losses.
  4. Press the spin button and immerse yourself in the excitement!

How To Win

Red Tiger’s War of Gods slot features 30 paylines, where winning combinations wild symbols are formed by landing three or more matching symbols. The helmet symbol reigns supreme in the base game, rewarding an impressive 300x payout for a five-of-a-kind combination.

Intriguingly, the Zeus and Hades symbols exclusively grace the base game, triggering captivating bonus rounds. Within these bonuses, additional Zeus and Hades symbols make their appearance, granting even more substantial and rewarding payouts compared to those available in the base game.

Similar Slots

Experience the captivating Hades: Gigablox slot by Yggdrasil, where remarkable graphics and ingenious gameplay await. With a 6×6 reel set, every spin unveils giant symbols that may even fill the entire grid. Keep an eye out for the thrilling Wild Hunt feature, as Hades himself can conjure up multipliers of up to 10x.

Indulge in the divine realm of the Thunder Zeus slot by Booongo, where a celestial backdrop sets the stage for a multitude of gods. This seven-reel game is divided into two halves that seamlessly merge during an exhilarating free spins bonus round. Prepare for an unforgettable adventure!

War of Gods: Verdict

War of Gods is a game that starts off with a bang, but unfortunately fails to fully capitalize on its potential impact. Red Tiger is known for creating visually stunning games, and Wrath of Gods is no exception. It exudes a serious and immersive vibe, effectively utilizing its theme to portray the epic clash of the two titans. The visuals have a nearly biblical quality, complemented by a symphonic soundtrack that adds an extra layer of drama.

The gameplay is quite impressive as well, although similar to many Red Tiger slots, it can take time to trigger the exciting parts. While hold and win features are common in casinos, having three of them in one game, along with numerous variations, is a rarity. In some ways, it reminds me of Red Tiger’s Clash of the Beasts, where you can choose one god, or have both simultaneously. Just like Clash of the Beasts, the real excitement and potential for hitting the game’s maximum winnings of 2,518 times the bet occurs when the siblings engage in a fierce battle. However, it’s disappointing that the potential returns on a game like this are seriously underwhelming. Perhaps the prize money was converted from drachmas or something?

To sum up, War of Gods is presented brilliantly, and its features offer a lot more complexity than your typical hold and play to win feature. It’s a shame that War of Gods falls short due to underperforming statistics and mediocre potential returns.

War of Gods FAQs

What is the Payout Percentage of War of Gods?

The game’s default Return to Player (RTP) of 95.66% is slightly lower than the industry average. Additionally, it’s important to be mindful of the customizable RTP ranges associated with this game.

How volatile is War of Gods slot?

This game boasts high volatility, meaning that it may take some time to activate any of the 3 Hold & Win features.

What is the biggest win possible?

The payout potential in War of Gods is limited, offering only up to 2,518x your stake, which may not fully meet the expectations considering the level of volatility involved.

How do the 2 Zeus and Hades Hold & Win features work here?

Both Zeus and Hades boast their own distinctive Hold & Win feature. Each feature continues as long as you continue to land more of the corresponding god symbol. Additionally, there are special symbols that can either enhance the symbol value (Zeus) or expand the reel set (Hades).

What about the Warring Gods Hold & Win feature?

Warring Gods combines the aforementioned features into a single game. This allows you to upgrade symbol values up to three times and expand the reel set to a 7×6 grid with 60 ways to win.

Is there a free spins mode in War of Gods slot?

No, there isn’t a conventional bonus round here. Instead, the focus is on the three distinctive Hold & Win features mentioned earlier.

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