Wheel Of Wishes

Wheel Of Wishes – Slot Demo & Review

Title: Wheel Of Wishes
Developer: Alchemy Gaming
Layout: 5-3
Paylines: 10
RTP: 93.34% RTP Ranges!
Max Win: x500.00
Volatility: Low
Min/Max Bet: 0.1/200


  • Experience the excitement of power spin mode with 3×3 mega symbols!
  • Get a chance to win one of the 4 progressive network jackpots, with a guaranteed win!
  • Enjoy a game with very low volatility for a smooth playing experience.
  • Keep in mind that the RTP of 93.34% is considered low, especially for a progressive jackpot game.
  • While the base game offers some action, it may not have as much as you might expect.

Wheel of Wishes: Slot Review

Microgaming is a well-known name in the world of progressive jackpots. Their highly popular Mega Moolah slot has paid out more winnings than almost any other slot game. However, as time goes on, it seems that a new addition to their progressive jackpot network was in order. Enter Wheel of Wishes, developed by partner studio Alchemy Gaming. While information about this new developer is somewhat limited, they have positioned themselves as “gaming alchemists.” Although they have yet to provide a team introduction or even an address on their site, it is still early days, and more details may emerge in the future. Wheel of Wishes is their debut slot, and it certainly makes a grand entrance. Now the question is, does it have what it takes to captivate players and become a hit in the jackpot network?

The title Wheel of Wishes hints at a full jackpot feature within the game, but it doesn’t reveal much about the overall theme. Picture a desert setting with swirling sands and towering rock columns. While it may not be specifically Egyptian, it does have an Arabian Nights flair with its symbols. When it comes to playing a progressive jackpot, one of the main concerns is the bet level. As is typical with jackpot slots, Wheel of Wishes openly states that higher stakes increase the chances of triggering the Jackpot Bonus. With that in mind, the game starts with a minimum stake of 20 c/p per spin, which can be increased up to $/€20. Both the stakes and chances can be further enhanced by the Power Mode feature, which we will discuss in more detail later.

Once the stakes are set, players hit spin to bring the game to life on a 5-reel, 3-row grid. There are 10 paylines that criss-cross the reels, and a payout is awarded for landing three or more matching symbols. The low-paying symbols consist of four colorful card suits, along with a random pink circle for a touch of fun. The premium symbols include a purple amulet, blue potions, a green and gold book, and a treasure-filled treasure chest each. Sitting at the top of the paytable is the mythical genie lamp, offering a generous payout of 10 times the stake for five of a kind. The wild symbol is even more rewarding, granting 50 times the stake for a full line and substituting for all symbols except the scatter.

Now, let’s talk about the figures that most players are eager to know – the jackpot! However, before we delve into that, let’s take a look at the game’s statistics. The RTP (Return to Player) is slightly on the lower side, which is typical for this type of slot. In standard mode, the RTP stands at 93.34%, or 92.24% when Power Mode is active. Note that these percentages include contributions to the Progressive Jackpot. The volatility is not just low but officially classified as “very low” by the developer. This means that patience is crucial when playing Wheel of Wishes, especially considering the limited number of features available.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new addition to the progressive jackpot scene!

Wheel of Wishes: Features

Introducing the main highlight of this section: Wheel of Wishes’ four Progressive Jackpots along with their seed values:

  • Mini starts at €10.
  • Minor starts at €100.
  • Major starts at €50,000.
  • Wowpot! starts at €2,000,000.

There are two ways to win these incredible jackpots. The first is by landing two or more scatters anywhere on the reels, triggering a Power Spin. It’s worth noting that the same scatter symbol also pays out 5x, 50x, or 500x the stake when 3, 4, or 5 land respectively. During Power Spins, massive 3×3 symbols take over the middle 3 reels, including the exciting new Bonus Wheel symbol. If a full Bonus Wheel lands in view, it grants a spin of the Wheel of Wishes Jackpot Bonus. Similar to Mega Moolah, the wheel is divided into segments, with the number of segments reflecting the size of each jackpot. Notably, there is one special segment reserved exclusively for the Wowpot.

The second way to win the jackpot is by activating Power Mode. Engaging this mode ensures that every spin becomes a Power Spin, significantly increasing the chances of landing a full Bonus Wheel symbol. However, it’s important to note that this feature comes at a cost. In this case, it requires a substantial 10 times the stake for every spin.

Bonus games and features

When the game begins, you’ll be presented with the option to select your bet size and decide whether or not to activate the Power Mode feature. This feature increases the value of your bet by 10 times and triggers a Power Spin on every turn. Keep in mind that the Power Spin may or may not align with your preferences. Explore more details below.

Power Spin

The standout bonus feature in Wheel of Wishes is the Power Spin feature. It is activated when you land two or more Wheel of Wishes symbols anywhere on the reels, which occurs quite frequently. Once triggered, reels one and five will be filled with identical symbols. The middle three reels will then merge into a colossal reel, showcasing 9×9 symbols. The massive reel will spin, and if a large symbol even partially aligns with the symbols on the left and right, you’ll receive a prize. Alternatively, if you prefer not to wait for a Power Spin, you can click the ‘Power Mode’ button mentioned earlier. The payout remains the same, but some players might prefer this option if they don’t have a substantial bankroll.

Free Spins

Unlike most slot games, Wheel of Wishes does not offer free spins. However, the absence of free spins is compensated by the presence of other captivating bonus features and the opportunity to win progressive jackpots. Players can activate the Power Spins feature from the beginning of their game, or if they have opted for constant activation of Power Spins, they can launch the progressive jackpot bonus game. This gives them a chance to win the massive $2,000,000 WowPot! progressive jackpot prize.

Progressive Jackpot

Wheel of Wishes boasts an array of captivating features, with its main highlight being the four progressive jackpots. Let’s delve into each one:

  • Mini Jackpot: A delightful sum of $10.
  • Minor Jackpot: A generous reward of $100.
  • Major Jackpot: A substantial prize worth $50,000.
  • WowPot! Jackpot: An astounding and life-changing fortune of $2,000,000.

To seize a progressive jackpot in Wheel of Wishes, you must first activate or purchase a Power Spin. Once accomplished, aim to land the prominent Wheel of Wishes symbol, covering all three central reels. The symbols on the first and fifth center reels below are inconsequential.

Upon achieving this feat, prepare to spin the wheel, reminiscent of the thrilling experience found in Mega Moolah, another remarkable slot by Microgaming renowned for its colossal progressive jackpot. The wheel’s outcome, powered by a Random Number Generator (RNG), determines your prize. Rest assured, the opportunity to spin the wheel guarantees a win from one of the enticing jackpots.

Here’s a valuable tip: Increasing your bet augments your chances of winning combinations triggering the progressive jackpots bonus round. So, go ahead and seize the potential rewards that await!

How to play Wheel of Wishes

Exclusively crafted for Microgaming by an independent studio named Alchemy, this captivating game boasts 5×3 wheels and 10 paylines, offering a thrilling maximum jackpot of 500x. Once you’ve set your bet size, get ready to spin the reels and embark on an exciting adventure. Just tap the prominent circular button on the right side of the reels to kickstart the action. Watch as a random assortment of symbols falls into place, eagerly anticipating the chance to win. Remember, aligning three or more symbols on a payline and on adjacent reels, starting from the first reel, will secure you a well-deserved prize. Get ready to experience the thrill of the game!

Volatility & hit frequency

The Wheel of Wishes slot is characterized as a medium volatility/hit frequency game. This means that it strikes a balance between withholding wins for extended periods and doling out frequent small wins. Unlike high volatility slots that offer infrequent but substantial wins, or low volatility slots that provide regular but modest wins, Wheel of Wishes falls somewhere in between.

It’s important to note that the progressive jackpots in this game are significantly more volatile than the main gameplay. This means that you might play for days, or even months, without hitting a progressive prize, only to eventually score a life-changing jackpot worth millions. Some players are drawn to the thrill and potential rewards of these high-risk games, while others prefer slots that offer a more predictable experience.

Return to Player (RTP)

Return to Player (RTP), often abbreviated as RTP, provides valuable insights into the long-term returns you can expect while playing. While all slots, including those with higher paying symbols and lower RTPs, have the potential to award massive prizes occasionally, it’s important to note that progressive slots generally offer lower RTPs despite their enticing jackpots.

In the Wheel of Wishes slot, the RTP stands at 93.34%, which falls within the average range for a progressive jackpot slot. However, when excluding the progressive prize, the RTP hovers around 89%, which, while not the most impressive, still factors into the overall gaming experience.

Graphics & Animation

Wheel of Wishes delivers exceptional graphics, as expected from a Microgaming slot. Every element, from high quality graphics to the thematic design to the captivating high-value symbols and desert background, exudes a sleek and enthralling vibe. It would have been even better to see more original lower value symbols, as many slots tend to rely on generic playing card symbols.

Although there isn’t an abundance of animation in this slot, the symbols gently pulse when forming a winning combination, accompanied by the ticking over of the progressive jackpots. Overall, Wheel of Wishes is a meticulously designed slot that strikes a balance between simplicity and sophistication. Players seeking a more straightforward experience will appreciate the elegance of the Wheel of Wishes slot machine.

The audio experience in Wheel of Wishes is truly captivating.

The music perfectly complements the Arabian nights theme with its swaying rhythms and the background of beating drums. It sets the mood for an immersive gaming session. Compared to the music found in other slots, Wheel of Wishes stands out as exceptional. It’s not only enjoyable but also avoids becoming overly annoying even after extended play.

While the sound effects may seem somewhat generic, they serve their purpose effectively. A small knock accompanies each reel stop, providing a satisfying sensation. And when you manage to hit a winning combination, a celebratory fanfare adds to the excitement. These sound effects are a significant improvement compared to the annoying arcade sounds often found in other online slots. In Wheel of Wishes, the audio truly enhances the overall gaming experience.

Mobile Compatibility

Wheel of Wishes, like all the latest online slots by Microgaming, is fully compatible with a wide range of mobile and smartphone devices. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, or an Android device, you can enjoy this thrilling slot on the go. What’s more, mobile players have the same chance of winning progressive jackpots as desktop players, and they can access all the fantastic features of wishes online slot, including the Power Spin.

To start playing this exciting mobile slot, you’ll find it available at almost all Microgaming casinos. Simply visit the casino’s website using your mobile browser and select the game. It will load up instantly, and you’ll be ready to spin the reels and chase those big wins. Alternatively, some online casinos may offer a dedicated app for an even more convenient gaming experience.

Expert Tips & Strategies for Wheel of Wishes

While it’s not possible to guarantee prizes in any online casino slot, there are several tactics you can employ to enhance your gaming experience and increase your chances of winning the massive progressive jackpot prize. Take note of the following tips:

  1. Bet at the highest stakes you can comfortably afford. The more you wager, the greater your chances of triggering the progressive jackpot bonus round.
  2. Implement effective bankroll management. Set aside only around 5% of your account balance for gameplay. If you exhaust that amount, it’s advisable to take a break and come back another day.
  3. Optimize your gameplay speed by activating Quick Spin mode. Simply click the lightning bolt icon located at the bottom right of the screen.
  4. For an intensified gaming experience, consider activating Power Mode. Keep in mind that this feature can be costly, so it’s recommended for those with a substantial bankroll.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the game rules before spinning the reels to avoid any confusion once you start playing.

By applying these expert strategies, you can maximize your chances of success while playing Wheel of Wishes. Good luck and happy spinning wishes wheel!

Wheel of Wishes (Alchemy Gaming): Verdict

Choosing a gambling strategy is usually straightforward, but Wheel of Wishes adds a layer of complexity. The Power Mode and its increased chances with larger bets make things interesting. Power Mode significantly impacts the likelihood of triggering full Bonus Wheels, albeit with a slightly lower RTP. While it spins the jackpot wheel more frequently, it often lands on the Mini Jackpot. Betting on big jackpots, especially at the maximum level, may not be financially rewarding, with up to 200 credits for a €10 return. At this rate, bankrolls can vanish faster than drops of moisture in the desert. However, it’s important to weigh the allure and risk of progressive jackpots, which can potentially exceed €2 million. When analyzing the numbers, Wheel of Wishes may appear somewhat cynical.

Another aspect to consider is that without the jackpots, the rest of the game lacks excitement. Unlike Mega Moolah, there are no free spins available. In terms of potential, aside from the jackpot, the best outcome is landing a full screen of premium symbols. This can result in single spin wins of 500 times the stake from stacked wilds. However, more commonly, players will encounter screens filled with lesser symbols. Even the lamp, the next highest symbol, is only worth 100 times the max bet for a full screen. When combined with the game’s very low volatility, the result is a rather uneventful base game.

Wheel Of Wishes FAQs

What is the maximum Wheel of Wishes jackpot?

The Wheel of Wishes boasts an extraordinary feature – an unlimited maximum jackpot! This is all thanks to its progressive nature. As long as the jackpot remains unclaimed, it will steadily grow larger and larger, making it an enticing opportunity for players. Notably, the WowPot! progressive jackpot commences at a minimum value of $2 million, presenting lucky players with an incredible prize pool to strive for.

How does the Wheel of Wishes slot work?

To get started, simply choose your betting amount and decide whether you want to play responsibly activate the Power Mode, which increases your chances of winning but comes at a cost of 10 times your normal bet. Once you’re ready, spin the reels and let the excitement unfold. There are several ways you can win – from instant prizes to activating a Power Spin. And if you’re already using a Power Spin, you might even trigger the progressive jackpot game.

Can I play Wheel of Wishes for free?

Certainly! Numerous reputable online casinos provide the option to play Wheel of Wishes for free. This presents a fantastic opportunity to not only enjoy the game but also become acquainted with its features. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that while you can fully immerse yourself in the gameplay, winning real money or progressive jackpots is not possible in this mode. While some sites may offer free spins, it’s worth noting that these are typically not applicable to progressive jackpot games. For a comprehensive understanding, we recommend reviewing the terms and conditions.

Can I win real money on Wheel of Wishes?

Absolutely! When you dive into the base game, brace yourself for the opportunity to score up to 500 times the amount you initially wagered. How do max win? Just by landing five Wheel of Wishes symbols anywhere on those spinning reels. But wait, there’s more! Brace yourself for progressive jackpots, with the incredible WowPot! starting at an impressive $2 million. So, with a sprinkle of good fortune, you could be carrying home a substantial cash prize!

What’s the difference between progressive slots and regular slots?

Unlike regular slots with fixed jackpots, progressive slots function in a unique way. As more players join and place bets, the jackpot grows, sometimes reaching astonishing heights. However, it’s crucial to understand that winning a progressive jackpot is generally more challenging than with regular slots.

Can I play Wheel of Wishes with no deposit?

Certain casinos provide no deposit bonuses, granting players bonus cash or free spins. Although these bonuses can be used to play Wheel of Wishes, it’s less typical for progressive games to be eligible. It’s advisable to carefully review the terms and conditions of the bonus to determine its compatibility with this particular game.

Can I play Wheel of Wishes on mobile?

Indeed! Wheel of Wishes has been meticulously optimized for mobile gameplay, guaranteeing a flawlessly immersive gaming experience across a variety of devices. Whether you’re using a smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to relish in all the exhilarating features of the game. What’s more, mobile players have an equal opportunity to win the progressive jackpots, just like their desktop counterparts. Thus, you can enjoy the electrifying thrill of Wheel of Wishes no matter where your adventures take you!

What happens when you win the Wheel of Wishes jackpot?

If you happen to strike the main progressive jackpot, rest assured that the casino where you were playing will reach out to you. They’ll be thrilled to celebrate your win and might even share some exciting promotional material. The prize money will be transferred to you, but do keep in mind that the process may take a bit longer than withdrawing smaller amounts.

Have there been any Wheel of Wishes winners from Canada?

As Wheel of Wishes is a recently introduced, online gambling slot machine, the number of significant winners is still limited. Nevertheless, there have been numerous smaller wins, some reaching thousands of dollars. It is highly probable that among these winners, there are those from Canada.

What are the odds of winning Wheel of Wishes slots?

The Return to Player (RTP) percentage for Wheel of Wishes stands at 93.34%. Although slightly lower than the average RTP for all slots, it falls within the typical range for progressive games. It’s important to note that the RTP represents the long-term theoretical return and doesn’t guarantee specific outcomes for individual bets. Rest assured, Wheel of Wishes offers an engaging and thrilling gaming experience with a solid RTP.

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